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Avene After Sun Care

We know the feeling. We have a great day in the sun, frolicking with friends and making memories, but then our skin may not feel as fresh and relaxed after such a fun day as we do. That's where the Avene Skin Care Sun Care After Care products can help, especially if we were skimpy on the sunscreen.

When you think of the South of France, the home of the village of Avene - and Avene products - you think of sun. So that's why we rely on Avene's After-Sun Repair Creamy Gel at the end of sunny summer days. This Avene skin care product is just the ticket for post-sun care on your face and body. This amazing gel moisturizes and soothes to help overexposed skin.

The gel goes on easy like Sunday morning, feeling light and airy. Yet it acts fast, too, providing much-needed relief after indulging in the sun's rays a little too long. It cools your skin the way a big glass of ice water does your body after too much sun. That's why we always pack this Avene gel with us, along with towels, light-hearted reads and sand pails, for our beach days.


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