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b-glowing BEAUTY

There are a lot of beauty rules imposed on mature women, aren’t there? We’re told to put shimmer behind us, say “buh bye” to the smoky eye, and make bold colors a thing of the past. Since when did glamor and style become limited to the under 35 set? True beauty is not a perfect canvas, and I don’t believe in outdated beauty rules. I believe in breaking them, which is why I created b-glowing BEAUTY™.

You see, post-40, the products of my past no longer worked for me. They felt drying, accentuated my wrinkles, and made me feel older than I was. I needed something that flattered my skin, but I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my sense of style for the boring, barely-there makeup made especially for mature women. The product I was searching for didn’t seem to exist—so, I decided to make it myself.

b-glowing BEAUTY™ is makeup for women like me. It's for women who feel ignored by the beauty industry—women whose wants, needs, and desires aren’t being addressed. It's not about fixing flaws—it’s about finding what works for you, and letting yourself GLOW.

Welcome to a new era of Age Embracing™ beauty.




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