Get to know GLAMGLOW: a b-glowing review


Who do the Hollywood elite turn to when their complexions are off-kilter? GLAMGLOW®—the skincare line leading ladies and A-listers swear by. Developed exclusively for backstage and professional use, GLAMGLOW®’ is world-famous for their fast-acting, innovative mud treatments. Their peel-off masks are the pre-red carpet .... Read more

Outdoor Essentials: The Beauty Products We Pack for Camping


Vapour deodorant

Growing up in Southern Oregon, I had a smorgasbord of natural wonders in my backyard. I spent my summers hiking across rugged mountains, camping in moss-veiled forests, and kayaking on scenic waterways. Even though I’m a city gal now, my love affair with the .... Read more

#BeautyByTheStars—Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Virgo beauty tips and tricksWelcome back to #BeautybytheStars—b-glowing’s monthly horoscope. Last month was all about Leo, and now we’re saying Happy Birthday to our fastidious Virgo sisters.  (If your birthday is far away, don’t fret—we’ll go through the entire zodiac together over the next year.) Read on for some .... Read more