4 Pure Facts Why Pai Skincare is ALL GOOD


Pure Fact #1 

Female Founders #MakeBeauty: Pai Skincare Inspires

Ladies with moxie. We love them. New ideas and new solutions get us buzzing at b-glowing. Like the many innovative brand founders we’ve partnered with, Pai Skincare’s Sarah Brown took matters into her own hands to successfully treat her skin condition when other skin care product combinations failed to help.100% done popping antihistamine tablets that only masked her uncomfortable skin allergy, Sarah moved forward with a vision: create the cleanest plant-based skin care line on the market. 

And she did. 


Pure Fact #2

Pai Skincare Celebrates the Sensitive (and that's Marvelous)

We like the idea of sensitive. It means: real. The truth. We think sensitivity and vulnerability are attractive qualities (see queen bee Brené Brown's famous TED Talk on the subject). 

And when it comes to skin, sensitive is of course a good thing. You’ve just got to take a bit more care, to ensure that the skin does not react adversely. Pai Skincare knows that sensitive skin comes in many forms — dry or oily, youthful or mature. Their formulations hydrate, rebalance, calm or replenish depending on your sensitive skin type.


Pure Fact #3

Day Cream to Midnight Oil

You won’t get a night cream with Pai Skincare. Here’s the prescription: 

Day: use a day moisturizer to enhance skin tone, texture and clarity. 

Night: apply a pure, powerful oil treatment for a concentrated skin boost.


Day Creams

Expertly selected botanical extracts tailor each moisturiser to the needs of your skin, providing just the right level of hydration to keep skin balanced and comfortable all day long. Each Pai Skincare organic moisturiser  is packed with essential fatty acids (better known as omegas) that help to keep skin beautifully soft and supple. It’s no wonder that the Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream won a Harper’s Bazaar ‘Best Organic Marvel’ Award! 


Night Oils 

Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is a bathroom essential and for all skin types. Pai Skincare’s #1 best-seller, this magic elixir repairs and regenerates skin, evens out skin tone and improves the appearance of scars, stretch marks, age spots and sun damage. 

If you have dry skin that’s showing a bit of aging, the Age Confidence Oil is for you. Look forward to supple skin with this 10-oil intensive luxury treatment. It quenches the skin and locks in moisture while pumping, strengthening, and protecting. 


Pure Fact #4

Everyone Appreciates A Pure Heroine

Named "Best Organic Miracle Worker" by Harper's Bazaar, this cult product diminishes the appearance of fine lines, scars, pigmentation and sun damage. Shop this CO2 extracted, fruit and seed oil miracle worker now!

Enjoy the goodness of Pai Skincare!

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