5 Reasons Why We Love MILK


Designed and formulated by stylist Garrett Markenson, who was trained at the prestigious Sassoon Academy, and later, in 2008, took his dream and opened a namesake salon—Garrett Markenson Coiffure in LA—comes Reverie. Dedicated to providing the beauty world with organic products that deliver and excite, MILK is an anti-frizz, leave-in nourishing treatment that goes above and beyond to give back to your hair…which is exactly why we love it!

  1. It smells amazing. Crafted with high-end essential oils that are found in the nicest perfumes, including vetiver, sage, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and more, the scent is sophisticated. But, it’s also light enough for every-day use. After applying MILK to your strands you may find yourself rubbing any excess product up your arms for the fragrance alone.


  1. It’s lightweight. Time and time again we hear the promise of repair and nourishment only to have our locks weighed down by heavy emollients and oils. MILK is the perfect consistency and feels more like an air-whipped serum. You can thank the ingredient Dicaprylyl Carbonate, which is derived from coconut and palm oils, for the airy and moisturizing texture.


  1. Protection. Pollutants, free radicals, and toxins are all around us, and they can take a toll on your skin and your hair, causing it to become brittle and break. Chitosan Succinamide, derived from the French mushroom Agaricus Bisporus, adds a silky finish to the hair and aides in the reduction of frizz. It also serves as a protectant against pollution.


  1. Calming to the scalp. While MILK can be used on the strands for protection and nourishment, it is also works wonders for itchy, troublesome scalps. Olive extract is another main ingredient and has anti-inflammatory, anti-irritation, and anti-microbial properties. Derived from olive leaves, this extract helps to soothe and promote healthy hair growth.


  1. It’s Organic. We know this can be a buzzword of sorts, but this product is truly organic and handcrafted with pure ingredients harvested naturally from all over the world. We feel 100% comfortable having this product in our hair and on our skin.


To experience these five reasons for yourself, and to discover your reasons for loving MILK, shop it here.

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