5 Ways to Use Micellar Cleansing Water


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As we celebrate the addition of BIODERMA to b-glowing, we wanted to offer more insight on what cleansing waters are, and how they can be used. Cleansing waters were originally created in the 90's by the French as an alternative to using hard water, which left excess residue on the skin. Micellar cleansing water is especially gentle, since micelles—little tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules—absorb dirt and oil, yet leave skin soft and supple. The detergent-free formula is extremely versatile, too, and can be used as a makeup remover and toner. Makeup artists worldwide use cleansing waters in between photo shoots and runway shows, as they easily and quickly remove makeup. The no-rinse formula also helps keep redness at bay, as soap-based products can cause raw skin if used too often. 


While we cleansing waters for all those reasons, we have discovered other useful ways to enjoy them. Below, five unexpected ways to use your BIODERMA H2O.


    1.    Brush cleanser. Cleansing waters are designed to target dirt and oil, but are gentle enough to use on your pricey brushes. In a pinch, use your BIODERMA on a clean cotton round and wipe your brush back and forth until all product is dissolved. 


    2.    Masking and spot treating . Depending on your skin type, BIODERMA’s cleansing waters can be used as more targeted treatments. Feeling extra dry? Soak several cotton roads in either the Sensibio or Hydrabio formulas, and apply to skin as a makeshift sheet mask.  Bad breakout?  Sebium can be used as spot treatment during an acneic episode. 


bioderma, b-glowing, ways to use micellar cleansing water, Sébium H2O


    3.    Fixing makeup boo-boos. Even the experts make mistakes! Wet one end of a q-tip with BIODERMA to perfect your look and touch up any bleeders. 


    4.    Turn eyeshadow wet to dry. Want to pack as much pigment into that new shadow palette as possible? Add a few drops of BIODERMA to dry shadow and watch the color pop! Try this as an alternate to tap water if you experience hard water in your region.


    5.    Post gym refresh. A cheaper and no-rinse alternative to wipes, toss BIODERMA and a few cotton rounds in your gym bag. Wiping away excess dirt and sweat helps to eliminate breakouts and blocked pores. You can even pour a some into a small spray bottle, and use it as a refreshing beauty mist!


bioderma, b-glowing, ways to use micellar cleansing water, Sensibio H2O

Whether you want to try our hacks or create your own, we hope your skin sings praises to this coveted French beauty secret. 

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