A Dozen Roses: What rose is right for you?


A Dozen Roses is made by “women who know something about giving and receiving roses.” Love that. 

The ladies at b-glowing also know (and adore) roses, and we know ourselves. So it’s super special to encounter a fragrance line that is top tier enough to offer on our site.  A Dozen Roses is driven by art and passion.That resonates with us. 

We know you know yourself, too. Want to know which scent from this collection expresses your personality the best? Take a look below and find your answer. 


What rose is right for you? 

Your scent is: Shakespeare in Love

Red rose = passion 

Express your warm, wonderful, memorable self with notes of bergamont, ylang-ylang, vanilla and musk.


Your scent is: Gold Rush 

yellow rose = joy

Oh, joy. If sexy, rich and wild is your cup of tea (better yet, your glass of champagne), experience a rush of ecstasy with notes of blackberry, orange flower and bittersweet chocolate.


Your scent is: Iced White

white rose = purity 

If you enter the room like a bright white flash with an icy, edgy, effervescent energy, express your pure spirit with notes of white peony, iris, cedarwood and white musk. 


Your scent is: Electron

pink rose = happiness 

If your life is clean, fresh, and fabulous, leave a trail of happiness with notes of green tea, cattleya orchid, electric pink rose, and neon musks. 


Your scent is: Amber Queen 

apricot rose = desire 

Magical ladies, you know who you are. If you’re dreamy and sensual, activate the law of attraction with scents of clementine oil, ginger co2, apricot, Chinese osmanthus, myrrh and amber. Desire abounds. 


Your scent is: Angel Face 

If spellbinding’s your middle name, enchant divinely with black currant, patchouli, roasted tonka and vetiver.


Female Founders #MakeBeauty: Perfumery + art

A Dozen Roses is a collaboration between two successful beauty executives, Sandy Cataldo and Lynn Emmolo. The collection offers 6  unique, superbly crafted fragrances based on the essence of 100% rose absolute. What separates A Dozen Roses from other fragrances on the market is the concept of perfumery merged with art. Lynn Emmolo’s passion for painting roses combined with Sandy Cataldo’s love for collecting perfume bottles as works of art has resulted in one of the most innovative fragrance brands available today.

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