Alpha H: The One Product Your Routine Needs


Alpha-H Liquid Gold

By the time you get in bed, you’ve probably multi-tasked your way through the day to knock out a crazy to-do list, perhaps finishing a report for the boss, ordering an outfit for that wedding, re-doing the report, picking up a prescription, meeting friends for drinks, and a million other things. So why would you expect anything less than top-efficiency multi-tasking from your skincare? Alpha-H Liquid Gold is high-achieving as you are. At night, simply wash your face and apply the liquid with a cotton ball every other night (yep, it’s that good that it can take a day off and still make major results. Could be why it tingles when it goes on—it’s working!). Then it gets down to business: diminishing wrinkles, evening out darker pigmentation and sun damage, brightening, moisturizing, and reducing skin roughness.



Alpha-H Liquid Gold is worth its weight in gold because it’s a toner, exfoliator, serum, and moisturizer in one—ideal for a busy person who doesn’t have time for a massive beauty routine but still wants perfect skin. The five percent cosmetic grade glycolic acid dissolves dead skin cells, revealing brighter, softer skin beneath, and licorice extract reduces irritation from the acid, as well as from acne. In short, one bottle of Liquid Gold crosses half a dozen things off your skin to-do list.



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