B-Glowing Founder Lisa James on Honest Passion


In a recent interview with b-glowing founder Lisa James, Marula Beauty learned about Lisa’s ardor for beauty products, dreaming big, empowering women, and honest passion. The b-glowing.com website was born of Lisa’s lifelong passion for beauty products, which started with wanting to work at a drug store makeup counter. Her obsession with cosmetics was later confirmed with her self-prescribed makeup therapy session, when she charged too much money to her credit card at a department store’s beauty counters after a heart-wrenching breakup with a boyfriend.

During the interview, Lisa shared that b-glowing materialized from her honest passion for beauty products, which is why the beauty brands represented on the site must have their own independent spirit and a passion that reaches out to consumers. In addition to benefiting consumers, the beauty product companies must also give back to the world.

As a woman entrepreneur, Lisa believes it’s important to support young girls and women so they learn to live a life without limitations. As a strong supporter of this cause, Lisa and the b-glowing crew regularly work with women’s shelters in the Portland, Ore. area by providing much-needed hygiene and beauty products. While hygiene products are an obvious necessity, the beauty products the women receive help prepare them for job interviews and give them a needed boost in courage and self-esteem. Plus, the fine beauty products help the women feel beautiful, empowered and hopeful that a better life is within reach.

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