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As social media expands our awareness of global beauty, our curiosity grows, too. Take hair trends, for instance: in the US,  bendy, beachy lobs and braids reign supreme, but what about the rest of the world? How do women in Australia style their tresses? What’s the most-requested haircut in Parisian salons? In this next installment of #BeautyTrendsFromAroundTheWorld, we turn our attention to hair. To gain insight into regional styles and hair trends, we sat down with three, international educators from Oribe Hair Care. Read on for the coolest crops in three different countries, plus tips, tricks and products to pull them off.

Paris, France Ramona Eschbach, Oribe Educator

hair trends in France What’s the most-requested hair cut in salons right now, and what’s the best Oribe product for that style? Recently I’ve been getting a lot of requests for bobs. Oribe’s Crème for Style is a great product to prevent fluffiness and to give the hair a bit of piecey, second-day texture. Any hair care tip and tricks that are unique to your country? Women in Paris do not like getting their hair blown dry. They want to look like they did nothing to their hair—think Caroline De Maigret and Lou Doillon. Putting a product in that air dries or can be used to rough dry is important. Oribe’s Crème for Style, Supershine Moisturizing Cream and Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil are all perfect products for that natural, undone look. natural undone French hairstyle What’s your favorite Oribe product? Oribe’s Foundation Mist and Signature Shampoo for me; Dry Texturizing Spray for work.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Brazil Ronnie Stam, Oribe Creative Director

Ronnie Stam, Oribe Creative Director What’s the most-requested hair cut in salons right now, and what’s the best Oribe product for that style? I’m originally from Amsterdam. I go back once a year and make time to do cuts in the salon. This allows me to keep my Dutch roots and see what is going on with hairstyles in Holland. People prefer short layers on top—I moved away a few decades ago and that was the style back then too. Most times when I wrap up a men’s cut, they say “Are you sure it’s not too long on top?” The shorter the better. As for product, people in Amsterdam like to see the layers and feel the layers and they also want to do things quickly. I suggest Oribe’s Rock Hard Gel, especially for the men, which gives more obvious hold than some of our other products. popular haircut in the Netherlands I also live part-time in Brazil. The women there like a voluminous, bombshell blowout, so keeping the length is important. For a beautiful Brazilian blowout, the best products are Oribe’s Crème for Style, Gel Sérum, and Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème. Men in Brazil like to be playful with their cuts—you see a lot of shaved undercuts that are put up into ponytails. Sometimes you’ll even see designs shaved into the undercut. Brazilian men love to use pomade to smooth the edges of their ponytails, and Oribe’s Rough Luxury Molding Wax is the perfect product for this. Brazilian blowout Any hair care tip and tricks that are unique to your country? In Amsterdam, where the locals want the shorter layers to stand out, adding Gel Sérum to the roots will help achieve this look. To get that big blowout, set the hair in rollers and let cool—many women in Brazil will go to the supermarket with rollers still in their hair. On the second day when hair is a bit frizzy, Brazilian women love to throw on a colorful headband or scarf. What’s your favorite Oribe product? My new favorite Oribe product, which launches in April, is Freestyler Working Hair Spray because it is a versatile working hair spray that can be layered and reworked. My Oribe go-to is Crème for Style. It provides hydration and hold and can be used to create different looks like a great blowout with softness or a more structured updo.

Copenhagen, Denmark Nicci Welsh, Oribe Educator

Nicci Welsh, Oribe Educator What’s the most-requested hair cut in salons right now, and what’s the best Oribe product for that style? The long, shattered bob is a big hit at the moment. It has that undone look, which is the standard for hairstyles in Denmark. shattered bob, popular haircut in Denmark The perfect result to this cut is all in the products. I like to layer products and start with Oribe’s Foundation Mist, which is the perfect primer for any hair texture—it protects the hair from heat and adds shine and softness. Before drying, apply Oribe’s Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse for hold. Finish with a combination of Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray and AirStyle Flexible Finish Cream throughout the hair, focusing on the ends for the undone, separation effect. Any hair care tip and tricks that are unique to your country? Danish girls ride bicycles everywhere in all types weather so hairstyles have to be simple and effortless. A very popular look is a casual topknot, which can be worn throughout the day then released into soft waves for an evening transformation. casual topknot, popular style in Denmark To get this look, apply Oribe’s Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse to dry hair, brush up into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Twist the ends together and wind around the ponytail then pin the hair into place. What’s your favorite Oribe product? Oribe’s Maximista Thickening Spray is the best all-around product. It can be used on wet hair before blow-drying or on dry hair to give texture. It also holds a ponytail in place, gives volume and tames small, unruly hairlines. It’s the product I can’t live without.

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