Beauty Concierge Approved: BY TERRY’s Tea to Tan


Ladies, it is “tea time” at b-glowing, and I’m not talking about an afternoon cuppa. By Terry’s TEA to TAN is an all-over sunless tan product that gives a transparent bronze wherever it is applied. Unlike powder and cream, this see-through liquid lays seamlessly over the skin, and looks totally natural. You’ll never experience that shady orange sheen that some other products leave behind. Like a lip stain, it is built to last, but unlike a fake tan, it washes off so your skin can breathe and start fresh the next day. 


This product is doesn’t look or feel like anything you have in your makeup bag, so here are some tips to get that summer glow you’re seeking. 


1) Moisten and squeeze out a sponge applicator. I can’t say enough good things about the beautyblender PRO. The black material doesn’t show any mess, and the consistency of the sponge is perfect for an airbrush look.


2) Apply droplets to a nonporous surface (such as a dish or glass surface) and absorb with the tip of your applicator. Be careful that it doesn’t get too concentrated, so you can have maximum blendability.

3) Gradually press the TEA to TAN over desired areas until you get a gauzy glow. And, voila! Sun-kissed glamour without the heat or sun damage.



Cheers, b-glowing bronze goddesses! Now back to napping under your sunhat…


Beauty Concierge


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