Beauty Horoscope: Happy Birthday, Cancer

Cancer Beauty Horoscope

Welcome to this month’s Beauty Horoscope—our series on astrology-based beauty. Each month, we celebrate the corresponding zodiac sign and offer tips to help you cultivate your best look. Not your b-day month? Don’t sweat it—we’ll profile the entire zodiac together over the course of the year. Read on for some Cancer-specific beauty, skincare, and makeup tips.


Deeply intuitive and practically psychic—Cancer can be challenging to understand at first. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is incredibly emotional and sensitive. They care deeply about friends, family, and their home. So we’re celebrating Cancer this month with beauty products that promote harmony, tranquility, and peace throughout your home. These charming beauty picks are sure to elevate even the most mundane of daily tasks.

Oribe Hand Wash

Happy Hands

We’re washing our hands a lot these days—excessive washing, exposure to water, and harsh soaps can leave hands dry and irritated. Oribe Cote d’Azur Revitalizing Hand Wash makes washing hands less of a chore with nourishing ingredients, a rich texture, and signature Côte d’Azur fragrance. Lemon peel extract works as a natural astringent to gently cleanse hands. Jasmine oil deeply hydrates and protects skin against free radicals. And we can’t emphasize enough how great this hand wash smells—it’s heaven!

Kay Perfume Rose Candle

Set the Mood

Nothing elevates a space like a soothing scented candle. Whether you’re drawing a bath, reading a book, making a cup of tea, or catching up with a friend—a flickering, fragrant candle provides a soothing backdrop. Kai Perfume Skylight Rose Candle burns for more than 40 hours and fills your space with Kai’s signature rose scent. Crafted with an all-natural blend of soy and coconut wax, this slow-burning candle features notes of rose absolute, bergamot, geranium, cedar wood, and clove. The warm floral scent and delicate glass votive looks beautiful in any room.

Uma Wellness Oil

Your Go-To Oils

Here’s the truth—not all essential oils are created equal. Uma oils are crafted using rich tradition, powerful science, and love at Uma’s sweeping estate in India. These coveted oils are packed with ultra-pure botanicals to combat a variety of stressors that can occur daily. Uma Wellness Oil Trial Kit features five best-selling oil blends crafted to deeply nourish skin, calm the mind, and soothe the body. Each healing formula works to restore internal equilibrium and treat common issues like insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Simply put—these are the real deal.


Beauty Sleep

We don’t always get a full eight hour of sleep, but we know exactly how to maximize the time we do get. Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase is made of ultra-soft 100% silk to nourish and protect hair and skin while you sleep. Standard cotton pillowcases draw moisture away from your skin, neutralizing hydration and skincare products. Slip’s patented Slipsilk™ provides a soft, soothing texture that nourishes hair and skin. Considering we spend one-third of each day asleep, why not use that precious time to help you look even more radiant?

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