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Welcome to this month’s Beauty Horoscope—our series on astrology-based beauty. Each month, we celebrate the corresponding zodiac sign and offer tips to help you cultivate your best look. Not your b-day month? Don’t sweat it—we’ll profile the entire zodiac together over the course of the year. Read on for some Gemini-specific beauty, skincare, and makeup tips.


Sociable, quick-witted Gemini thinks with an inquisitive and open mind. They’re fascinated with the world around them and their curiosity is unparalleled. Represented by the Caring Twins, Gemini represents two different personalities—one that is fun and lighthearted, and another that is serious and thoughtful. The fun part? You never know which side of a Gemini you’re going to get. But Gemini has many characteristics that remain constant—including their passion for seeking out the best the world has to offer.

It should come as no surprise then, Gemini, that we’re celebrating your birthday month with our Emerging Beauty category. So, what is Emerging Beauty? Our Emerging Beauty page is your go-to destination to discover the latest and greatest in beauty. Emerging Beauty features buzz-worthy brands creating breakthroughs in a variety of ways—from organic luxury makeup, to tech-savvy skincare tools.

Luk Beautifood

Some of our favorite new Emerging Beauty brands, Ere Perez and Luk Beautifood, create makeup and cosmetics from skin-loving botanical ingredients. These wholesome collections feature eye-catching lipsticks and makeup that look as good as they feel. So take pride in switching to organic makeup—while looking positively radiant.

Ere Perez

Skincare tools such as beauty rollers, Gua Sha massagers, and other handy skincare devices also get attention on our coveted Emerging Beauty page. Newcomer, Skin Gym, features gorgeous rose quartz, jade, and obsidian rollers and massage tools to relax and smooth skin. Additionally, Georgia Louise (facialist to the stars!) delivers ultra-chic beauty tools that can also be put in the fridge for an even cooler experience.

Skin Gym

Thankfully, Emerging Beauty isn’t only made up of noteworthy makeup and skincare. In fact, we’ve also included groundbreaking beauty brands that are totally unique and one-of-a-kind. Like Smile Makers, a different kind of vibrator and sensual wellness collection made specifically for women by women. And routine, who’s delightful jars of natural deodorant keep under arms soft, dry, and smelling fresh in the very best way.

With Emerging Beauty at your fingertips, you have access to the latest beauty discoveries we think you will truly love. So keep that curiosity peaked and that eagerness aflame, Gemini—because we’re always adding new brands + finds.

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