Beauty Horoscope: Happy Birthday, Taurus

Clarins Double Serum

Welcome to this month’s Beauty Horoscope—our series on astrology-based beauty. Each month, we celebrate the corresponding zodiac sign and offer tips to help you cultivate your best look. Not your b-day month? Don’t sweat it—we’ll profile the entire zodiac together over the course of the year. Read on for some Taurus-specific beauty, skincare, and makeup tips.


Ambitious, smart, and trustworthy—Taurus is the anchor of the Zodiac family. Unsurprisingly, Taureans make loyal friends, amazing partners, and fantastic colleagues. While they’re represented by the bull (and absolutely have a stubborn streak), Taurus’ are constantly seeking honesty, reliability, and practicality in every aspect of life. So, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate your birthday month than with tried + true beauty products that make our coveted Obsession-Worthy Beauty list.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

What is Obsession-Worthy Beauty? 

We here at b-glowing have spent 15 years exploring the best, most innovative products that the beauty world has to offer. We created our Obsession-Worthy Beauty category to share the very best-of-the-best with you! From cult-coveted skincare like SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, to must-have makeup such as BY TERRY Baume De Rose, and products that (in our humble opinion) have reached iconic status like Clarins Double Serum—our Obsession-Worthy Beauty picks do not disappoint.

BY TERRY Baume de Rose

Our Obsession-Worthy Beauty category takes the guessing work out of finding tried + true beauty products you can rely on year after year. And because we’re always on the hunt for game-changing beauty, we continue to add new ground-breaking beauty products to this coveted list so you can look forward to discovering new beauty picks that are—well—obsession-worthy!

Ready to take your beauty routine to the next level, Taurus? What are you waiting for? Start exploring all our Obsession-Worthy Beauty category now.

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