#BeautyByTheStars — Happy Birthday, Aries!

Orange lips and nails are the perfect look for an Aries
The zodiac can be a fun way to revamp your routine, which is why we created #BeautybytheStars—b-glowing’s very own beauty horoscope. As the sun moves into Aries, we’re saying happy birthday to all our fiery Ram sisters, and looking to the stars for some style-related guidance.

It’s no surprise that trendsetting Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Bold, confident and daring, rams are never afraid to be first. Much like first-born children, they’re natural leaders, brimming with fiery energy and unbridled ambition. Aries are pioneers, and will never do something just because everyone else is doing it. While others follow the crowd, rams are out front, blazing their own paths with their tenacious, go-getting demeanors.

Mars—a fiery red planet named for the god of war—rules Aries, and all associations with blood and fire are appropriate. Reds are your power colors, evoking Aries’ most notable attributes—passion, action, and confidence.

We see red and orange in your beauty horoscope, Aries


This month, we want to see you rock those sizzling shades of scarlet, Aries: the orange of a smoldering flame, the zesty crimson of a cayenne pepper, or the intoxicating deep-red of wine.  Like you, red is full of life—it’s the color of blood, fire, and wine. It signifies ardor, energy, intensity, and strength. That’s exactly how you live your life, too—with passion and a powerful sense of adventure. So whether you go for an oxblood lip, a swipe of bright red liner, or an orange mani, fiery colors will ignite your energy and make you look every bit the blazing-hot babe you are.

Red lipstick is an Aries staple

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