#BeautyByTheStars—Happy Birthday, Leo!


Leo beauty and makeup tips

Welcome back to #BeautybytheStars—b-glowing’s monthly horoscope. As we enter Leo season, we’re saying Happy Birthday to all the confident, charismatic Lions out there, and looking to the heavens for some star-powered beauty tips.

Self-confident, warmhearted, and irresistibly charming, Leos ooze charisma from every pore. The Lion’s ruling planet is the Sun itself, which is fitting—just like the Sun is the center of the solar system, Leos love being the center of attention. They have a deep need to feel recognized and valued, and they rarely shy away from the spotlight. Though Leos can get a bit caught up in themselves, who can blame them? They’re kind of a big deal. The truth is, no one can resist Leo’s animal magnetism, gregarious wit, and golden sense of humor. Lions are naturally dominant, gifted leaders—people simply gravitate to and surround a Leo. They truly are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle!

Leo, it’s your month, and you need a look that puts all eyes on you. Your beauty vibe is unique and expressive, but in the most tasteful way. Your inborn creativity and regal demeanor mean you’re capable of pulling off a dramatic, over-the-top look. That said, you wouldn’t be caught dead in something trendy if it didn’t make you feel powerful and polished, too. Try something classic yet gaze-grabbing, like bold cat-eye paired with a vibrant lip.  A feline flick will accentuate your expressive Lion eyes, while shades of red, fiery orange, gold, or royal purple will show off your warm personality. Gold is your ultimate power color, so a hint of sparkle will draw the right amount of attention—a metallic eyeshadow or nail polish, perhaps? You look terrific with warm, shimmering tones across your entire body, so try a gold-flecked body moisturizer, too. Leos love the warmth of the physical sun, so the beach + showing off in a bikini + glistening, golden skin = a Leo paradise.

Oh, and one last thing: your mane. Since your hair is your crowning glory, wear yours like a lion’s mane—with lots of majestic wave and volume. DAVID MALLETT’s Gold Dust not only gives hair gorgeous lift, but adds subtle and tasteful gold shimmer, too. We can’t wait to see you shine and hear you roar!

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