#BeautyByTheStars – Happy Birthday, Libra!

The best beauty tips for Libra
Welcome back to #BeautyByTheStars—our series on zodiac-based beauty. Each month, we celebrate the corresponding sign, and offer tips to help you cultivate your best look. Last month was all about Virgo, and now we’re saying HBD to all the Libra folks our there. (Not your b-day month? Don’t sweat it—we will profile the entire zodiac together over course of the year.) Read on for some Libra-specific beauty, skincare and makeup tips:

The seventh of the twelve signs, Libra sits at the midpoint of the astrological year. As the sun enters Libra, it marks the Fall Equinox—the halfway point between Summer and Winter, the time of year when day and night are of equal duration. This is noteworthy because it perfectly exemplifies what these peaceful, intellectual signs are all about: balance.

Symbolized by the scales of Justice, Libras are obsessed with creating balance in all areas of life. They’re the ultimate people persons: They’re warm, gracious, and can be friends with just about everyone they meet. Libras are team players, expert negotiators, and able navigate virtually any social situation effortlessly, resolving conflicts by simply turning on their famous charm. In short, Libras just want what’s fair and right for everyone.

Unfortunately, Libra’s obsessive need to avoid conflict has a dark side. Since they dislike (read: hate, loathe, DESPISE) fighting of any form, they will literally bend over backward to avoid an argument. They would probably describe themselves as “easygoing”; others might call them “spineless.” Because Libras are so good at considering multiple perspectives, they also struggle with indecision. To maintain equilibrium, Libras continually strategize and adjust their approach to things—which may come off as fickle, or even dishonest to some. Libras are hardcore “path of least resistance people”—they want to make everything fair, and they want to make as many pals and as few enemies as possible in the process. Not an easy task, to say the least.

While Aries is the sign of “me”, Libra symbolizes “we”. Translation: relationships are HUGE for Libras, who find balance in partnership. Sociable Libras fear being alone, and are known to be at their best when coupled. So, when it comes to your beauty routine, try incorporating “perfect pairs” that work together in harmony. Want dramatic lashes? Try pairing a lash curler with a  volumizing mascara. Full, luscious lips? Opt for a lip scrub, followed with a gloss.  If it’s soft, touchable curls your after, spritz on some protective spray , then create loose waves with a curling wand. Whatever you choose, we guarantee your beauty look will be better with a little together-ness, Libra!


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