#BeautyByTheStars – Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

Flat lay of Alpha H Liquid Gold and Eve Lom Cleansing balm
Welcome to #BeautyByTheStars—b-glowing’s very own beauty horoscope. Today, we’re wishing all our Sagittarius devotees a very happy birthday!

Curious, generous, and extremely adventurous, Sagittarians are both the wanderers and the students of the Zodiac. They have a voracious desire for knowledge, and are always on the hunt for new ideas and experiences.  Their open-minded and philosophical worldview motivates them to travel the globe in search of enlightenment…AND the best beauty products, of course.

Sagittarius, to satisfy both your thirst for knowledge AND your lust for adventure, we recommend filling your beauty cabinet with tried-and-true favorites from around the globe. You like researching and finding products you’re positive are effective, but—since it’s your birthday—why not let us do the work for you? Our Obsession-Worthy Beauty category has some of the coolest, most classic products from around the world: the French micellar water every model swears by, a skin-brightening glycolic from Down Under, the cult cleanser made from a time-honored Czech recipe, or the Japanese secret to glass-like skin.  We know browsing a Parisian pharmacy or quirky beauty shop in Berlin would be your first choice, but—if jet-setting isn’t in the cards for you this month—we’ve got you covered.

Wishing you happy discoveries, Sagittarius!

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