#BeautyByTheStars — Happy Birthday, Taurus!

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Seeking some grooming-related guidance? Enter #BeautybytheStars—b-glowing’s very own makeup and beauty horoscope. As the sun moves into Taurus, we’re saying HBD to all our beautiful Bull sisters, and looking to the skies for some Taurus-specific beauty tips.

Independent and ambitious, Taurus is the sign of practicality, hard work, and earthly pleasures. Venus—the planet of beauty, art, sensuality, and wealth—rules you, so its no wonder you have impeccable taste and a lust for the finest things in life.

This pink silk eye mask from Slip appeals to a Taurus's sensual nature

There’s no sign more beauty-obsessed than a Taurus, either. After a long, hard day of working your butt off, you want to wind down, relax and pamper yourself. Few people can luxuriate like you—you enjoy the feeling of fancy fabrics on your skin, the taste of gourmet food, and the smell of expensive perfume. Since it’s your birthday, we invite you to indulge those ultra-luxe tastes of yours. Give in to your hunger for all things beautiful, and reach for rich, decadent formulas that come housed in gorgeous packaging. Light some candles, lavish your skin with luxurious creams and lotions, and lounge on expensive fabrics like velvet and cashmere. A gorgeous silk pillowcase or eye mask, perhaps? As for colors, we recommend surrounding yourself with plush pink—it’s your power color, and appeals to your blissed-out nature and irresistible sensuality. Live lavishly, Taurus! You’ve earned it. Pink blush like this Neo Bronzer from Kevyn Aucoin is perfect for a Taurus

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