#BeautyByTheStars—Happy Birthday, Virgo!


Virgo beauty tips and tricksWelcome back to #BeautybytheStars—b-glowing’s monthly horoscope. Last month was all about Leo, and now we’re saying Happy Birthday to our fastidious Virgo sisters.  (If your birthday is far away, don’t fret—we’ll go through the entire zodiac together over the next year.) Read on for some Virgo-specific beauty and makeup tips:Analytical, thoughtful, and ever so responsible, Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac. They’re famous for their brain power, thirst for knowledge, and systematic approach to…well, just about everything. Virgos have an exacting nature and keen attention to detail, which some may perceive as overly critical and intolerant. However, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth—Virgos are some of the most loving, loyal, and charitable people on the planet. The fact is, they concern themselves with every teeny, tiny, minuscule little detail because—underneath their careful, controlled veneer—they’re passionate humanitarians. They just want to help in whatever way they can! Dutiful Virgos have a true servant’s heart, and desperately long to assist others on a practical level.

When it comes to beauty, Virgos tend to be a bit “by the book.” A Virgo’s vanity is filled with conservative staples and multitasking formulas. They want you to notice how practical their routine is, rather than how showy or luxurious it is. And because Virgo is an extreme perfectionist, they would never leave the house without double-checking that their lipstick is flawless, their cat-eye is sharp and un-smudged, and no stray hair has fallen out of place.

Virgo, because you long to be meticulous in all pursuits, you must remember that constantly chasing the ideal can be exhausting and often destructive. Beauty exists within our imperfections, and it’s important to remember that flaws are not defects. Whether it’s a mole, the freckles you hide with foundation, or the scar you got rollerskating in 7th grade, take time to celebrate your perceived “flaws” and “imperfections” this month. Re-frame them. The very things you perceive as flaws might be viewed as beautiful and distinctive by others—flaunt them. Let them shine!

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As for the rest of your beauty routine, make a point to abandon perfection. Your new vibe for the month is effortless, minimalist, and just-out-of-bed—think tousled hair, smudged eyeliner, and dewy, fresh-from-the-gym skin. Swap your full-coverage foundation for some CC cream, spritz on some dry shampoo, and throw your hair in a casual top-knot. Don’t be afraid to get messy with it, either! Use your fingers to smudge on eyeliner or eyeshadow, smear on some bronzer, and press a low-key color into your cheeks and lips. We can’t wait to see you let loose, Virgo! No one deserves a little relaxation more than you.

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