Celebrate Earth Day with New Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products


Nuxe ParisEven though Earth Day is a calendar event that happens once a year, it doesn’t mean you can’t have sustainable practices the remaining 364 days. After all, you should be a good steward every day you are on this planet. Sure, you may already recycle your used plastic, metal and glass items, but you can take your earth-friendly endeavors a step further by purchasing EPP eco-friendly hair care products. Some popular, high-end brands, like Adara and Nuxe Paris, are already on board the EPP wagon. 

What is EPP?

Short for Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, EEP means you consider more than just the environmental impact of the products you purchase. EPP also has a humanitarian concern, which means the manufacturing of a product also protects the health of those who make and consume eco-friendly hair care products, without sacrificing quality, price or performance. When you’re an EPP advocate, you also abstain (as best you can) from purchasing items whose manufacturing process harms public health or the environment.

Recognizing EPP Products

One of the simplest ways to tell if your favorite beauty products make the EPP cut is to look at the packaging and labels. Environmental attributes to look for include:

  • The amount of recycled materials used to make the product.

  • Energy efficiency.

  • The ability to recycle the product and its packaging after you’re done using it.

  • Waste prevention.

  • Water conservation.

  • Resource sustainability, or the amount or types of raw materials used to make the product and the renewability of the raw materials.

  • A lack of toxic materials in the product.

  • The amount and type of packaging used.

Benefits of Buying EEP Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products

  • You don’t necessarily have to dish out more money just because a product is earth-friendly.

  • The quality of a product isn’t sacrificed because it was made using sustainable practices or because it’s recyclable.

  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Encourage the decrease of water usage.

  • Decrease the amount of solid waste disposal.

  • Support efforts to keep the water and land around a manufacturing facility clean.

  • You’re a role model to other fashionistas who seek quality products.

  • You can feel proud that your purchase helps support a cause that you and your favorite brands share.

  • Quality eco-friendly hair care products, like those by Adara, are made using natural or organic ingredients.

Deciphering Eco-Friendly Terms

You might notice that the packaging on a product sometimes states, “Made with (insert percentage) postconsumer products.” While this might sound nice, this statement doesn’t truly have an impact if you don’t know what it means. Terms you’ll encounter on eco-friendly hair care bottles or their boxes include “pre-consumer,” “postconsumer” and “total recycled content.”

Pre-consumer content or materials refers to the byproducts used after the manufacturing of a product is complete, before the product hits the shelves. Postconsumer materials are made from sources like the recyclable goods you leave on your curb on garbage day or the paper that is recycled at your office. A product’s total recycled content is the amount of postconsumer and pre-consumer materials used to make an item. For example, if one of your favorite Nuxe Paris items is packaged in a box made from 80 percent postconsumer materials and 15 percent pre-consumer materials, the total recycled content equals 95 percent.

While purchasing eco-friendly hair care products shows the earth a little TLC, you can also go a step further and purchase your fashion-forward must-haves from a globally conscious vendor. Doing so takes the guesswork out of making sure your purchase is truly aligned with your earth-friendly efforts.

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