Co-washing: What it is, and who it’s for


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By now, you've probably heard at least one of your beauty-savvy friends raving about co-washing—the art of cleansing your hair using only conditioner. This one-step method has been a favorite of curly girls for years, but now—thanks to the advent of hybrid cleansing conditioners—is gaining popularity with a wider range of hair types. 


So, what are cleansing conditioners, exactly? One thing is for certain—they're a far cry from those ineffective, 2-in-1 concoctions that your Dad brought home from the drugstore. Instead, think of cleansing conditioners as a super gentle way to remove dirt, oils and impurities from hair. They’re just like shampoo, but without any of the damaging sulfates, detergents, or harsh chemicals. They leave your strands and scalp super clean, but won't strip them of their natural oils. What's more, cleansing conditioners pack a super-hydrating punch, and give your hair the moisture it needs to maintain shine, bounce, curl and definition. 

Given that co-washing first gained popularity among women with coarse, curly, and frizz-prone hair, you may be wondering—is it really suitable for all hair types and textures? Co-washing is also great people with dry hair, or hair that's damaged, fragile, bleached, chemically treated, or repeatedly subjected to heat-styling. The moisture-rich formulas smooth the cuticle—which becomes frayed and porous when hair needs hydration—and helps prevent split ends and breakage. However, if you have naturally oily or baby fine hair, you may want to stick to a more traditional routine. Since these hair types require less moisture, co-washing can leave them feeling limp, heavy and lifeless.  


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