Contouring: Tools that RULE our Beauty Concierge’s heart


We had a second to catch up with our always-on-the-go Beauty Concierge. Word on the b-glowing street is she has a few lady crushes. On contouring brushes. 

Inquiring minds want to know…what contouring tools RULE her heart, and why?

We were like, tell it to us straight. What we mean is, tell it to us any way you wish. Because love is love. And we love that. Because we’re like that. 

Happy contouring. Happy V-day. 

xoxo, b-glowing 


For Your Cheeks

“I cannot imagine contouring without a kabuki brush. The short and tightly packed bristles pick up the most pigment and help create precise lines. The control you get from a good kabuki brush, like the Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki, is priceless!” 


For Your Nose and Brow 

“I love that this brush is more compact, great for the nose and brow. This is a tough area for most beginners when contouring because the lines can get a bit out of control and appear muddy if using the wrong tool. This darling Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Brush is really the best size to make practice perfect. ” 

For Your Eyebrows

“When we talk about contouring, eyebrows are a big part of it. Your eyebrows create the framework for your eyes and help bring the overall look together. The Anastasia Beverly Hills stencils help create a shape for the face and are so easy to use.” 


For Your Eyes (because they’re beautiful)  + Overall Blending 

“These lovelies are great for contouring because they have a completely round surface, for a seamless blend. Seriously don’t freak out when you see the initial lines drawn by contouring because the beautyblender will airbrush it all together. Also the adorbs beautyblender mini can be used for contouring around eyes and nose.” 

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