Cult 51: Eileen Harcourt Says Yes


We at b-glowing love ourselves a cult product. So, beauty devotees…take a seat, close your eyes, and imagine a multi-tasking moisturizing product that acts quickly, repairs at night, hydrates during the day and isn’t sticky or oily. Now, visualize Cult 51 Night Cream sitting on your bathroom armoire. In addition to us, the highly sought after celebrity esthetician Eileen Harcourt swears by this product. Take a look at the video below to hear her thoughts. 



Oh, and speaking of cults…if you haven’t seen Source Family, we highly recommend it. Deemed "fascinating" by Variety and "sharp, spacey, nostalgic and heartbreaking" by the New York Times, this is a complex documentary about a Los Angeles cult. Integrated are some seriously stunning visuals: archival footage and photos shot by the cult archivist who just happens to be a woman. It’s also set in the 70’s which is totally trending right now. 

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