Cut Drying Time In Half with the T3 Cura Hair Dryers


The t3 CURA and t3 CURA LUXE hair dryers

Updated 04/18/2018

Note: Since we no longer carry the T3 Featherweight 2 and Featherweight Luxe 2i, this blog has been updated with the next generation of T3 dryers— the T3 Cura and the T3 Cura LUXE. 

When a device claims to cut hair drying time in half, our interest = PIQUED.  Enter T3 Micro’s latest styling innovations—the Cura and Cura LUXE Hair Dryers.  While competitors take half an hour (or more!) to thoroughly dry hair, Cura gets the job done in minutes. Not only will your aching arms thank you, but your strands will, too—super-speedy drying means a healthier mane, after all! In fact, the Cura is better for your locks than air-drying.  We know what you’re thinking: “Bold claim. How is that even possible?” Well, both the Cura and the Cura LUXE come equipped with Digital IonAir technology, which creates millions of negative ions to smooth hair cuticles and create soft, frizz-free results. Fast drying that won’t wreck your hair? Talk about a win-win.

If a healthier mane and more time in your morning time sound amazing,  it’s settled—you need a Cura. Now, onto deciding which model is right for you. For everyday, straight-to-the-point styling, you can’t go wrong with the classic T3 Cura.  It’s small and lightweight, yet packed with high-tech features: three digitally-controlled heat settings, dual speed settings, and a lock-in cool shot button to set your style. This means you’re getting a grand total of six different setting combos and the ability to create a totally customized drying solution for any hair type, length, and texture.

If six settings aren’t enough for you, allow us to introduce the Cura LUXE. This top-of-the-line dryer has five heat settings and dual speed settings, which makes for a whopping TEN different styling combos. With the Luxe, there’s a setting for every single hair type or style, from ultra-damaged to extra curly.  You can get super hot and heavy with it to smooth your strands into a sleek, straight coif, or you can play it cool and low to bring out your natural curl pattern. The LUXE also comes equipped with something called a Volume Booster, which switches off the negative ion generator. This means hair looks less smooth and flat, and more bouncy and full—perfect for faking that lived-in, bedhead texture. One more difference between the Cura and Cura Luxe?  The Luxe’s has a sensor in the handle, making the device shut off automatically when you put it down. Oh, and it turns on again when you pick it back up. Mind. BLOWN.

Whether your hair has been to hell and back and needs some TLC, or you simply want to cut back on drying time,  you can’t go wrong with a T3 Cura hair dryer.

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