Exquisite Erno Laszlo


Everybody in the office agrees: Erno Laszlo is, hands down, the Louis Vuitton of skin care. Our in-house Beauty Concierge (BTW- call her if you have Q’s!) who is as discerning as she is badass, trained at the Erno Laszlo Institute in SoHo, and said her time there was “regal, honest, and the ultimate luxury experience.”

From treating the tasteful and trend defining celebrity set from Madonna to Marilyn Monroe to the one and only Jackie O, Erno Laszlo personifies “cult status.” His formulations are pure gold. 

Heads-up: Rigor has its’ rewards. Like a really intense physical trainer, often, to get the best out of your body, mind…or skin…one must follow instructions to a ‘T’ to get the desired result. Erno Laszlo doesn't promise you you’ll have alabaster skin, but the philosophy is you’ll find the best skin you can have, if and only if you follow the regimen they prescribe.


So, if you’re ready to commit to being the intentional and follow-though gal we know you are, the Ritual Starter Kit is your go-to. For all skin types, use just a dime size drop of the Phelityl Pre Cleansing Oil. It breaks down debris from your skin and brings oil to the surface. Utilize the Erno Laszlo Splash Method on your face with suds enriched with 26 essential minerals to detoxify, cleanse and hydrate from the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. This bar is the ultimate – great for acneic skin and also soothing for psoriasis and eczema. 

Reach for the Hydra Therapy Mask  when you’re ready to seriously WOW folks. Such as the day before your TED talk, the big family holiday party, or your wedding, or after international flight with your BFF.

If you’re seeking to restore the Ph balance for your skin, the  Hydraphel Skin Supplement is your answer. This gently calming and hydrating treatment is an alcohol-free toner, similar to using a probiotic for your body or conditioner for your hair. 


Here’s to a happy, luxurious, nurturing, and inspired holiday. May your new year be full of intention and rewards that exceed your wildest dreams! 

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