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Beauty Works West, Skincare, Beauty, Youth, Energy, Sex, Susie rodgers, b-glowing, ingestible beauty

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve probably heard of “ingestible beauty”—the latest trend taking the beauty world by storm. And while ingestibles are enjoying a surge in popularity of late, the concept of “beauty from the inside out” is certainly not a new one. In fact, London-based brand Beauty Works West has been making beauty supplements since 2013, long before Olivia Munn started singing their praises.

We sat down with health and wellness expert (and co-founder of BeautyWorksWest) Susie Rogers to learn more about BWW’s new ENERGY and SEX supplements, get her thoughts on the ingestible beauty trend, and uncover the secret to practicing beauty from the inside out.
Ingestible beauty is having a moment right now, but Beauty Works West has been doing it since 2013. What was your inspiration for creating a truly holistic beauty brand, and did you ever anticipate the ingestible trend taking off like this?

Our inspiration came from our clients in our spa. We noticed that, even after the most expensive treatments and skin care regimes, both their skin and their bodies were craving more. Due to hormonal shifts and stressful lifestyles, we could see that they needed the right nutrition and guidance to get the results they were looking for. Beauty and health come from within.

Combining Dr. Sister’s years of extensive anti-aging and hormone work and my expertise in the beauty and wellness industry, we decided to put it all together for our clients in one jar. We came up with YOUTH, which  contains all the essential Vitamins and Minerals you need, plus  Amino Acids and antioxidants that cover all your daily vitamin and mineral requirements and then some.

Instead of taking a multitude of supplements, we took the guess work out of what you needed to take to make a difference in your skin and address your hormonal needs.

Working with top scientists  in the field we found some cutting-edge ingredients that work together to make a real difference.  We wanted it to be all natural and ensure only the finest ingredients were used in just the right amounts to show amazing results.

We were ahead of our time of course as ‘ingestibles’ are the new buzz word in skin care.  We have always believed that feeling good and looking good starts with what you put in your body.  That is why we have now added to the range to include ENERGY and SEX.  The reaction to our formulas has been amazing, with the Press and clients raving about the results. We have been really successful in the UK and it’s so great that now the US has embraced us.
Beauty Works West, Skincare, Beauty, Youth, Energy, Sex, Susie rogers, b-glowing, ingestible beauty

Say we eat healthy, exercise, maybe even take a daily multivitamin. Would you still recommend we take Beauty Works West? In what ways does your product go beyond the basic vitamin?

We all do our best to live our healthiest lives, but wouldn’t a little help be nice? That’s where we come in.

Our body’s ability to absorb nutrients decreases as we age. Our hormones start to deplete and our metabolism slows down and added stress levels, and some medications, all interfere with proper nutrient absorption.
Our supplements are formulated to:
·         Help support a healthy immune system
·         Increase your metabolism
·         Encourage hormonal balance
·         Fight off the free radicals that all attack our amazing bodies.
·        Work from the inside out to you to help keep you at your best.
·        To meet the strict conditions of an FDA approved lab in the United States.
·        To be effective and safe for adult men and women.
·        Take the guess work out of combining supplements. We‘ve done that for you.
·        Give you your RDA requirements of vitamins and minerals in one formula.
·        To be Physician Approved and Formulated.

The results are so much more than glowing skin; you may see a difference in your health, energy, and even your sex life.

Beauty Works West, Skincare, Beauty, Youth, Energy, Sex, Susie rodgers, b-glowing, ingestible beauty

When introducing Beauty Works West into our daily routines, when can we expect to see results?

Usually within about 3-4 weeks.

Outside of taking the supplements daily, is there anything we can do to maximize results?

Of course, you know the drill.  Eat healthy, clean organic food, exercise more, stress less and have more sex.

All your supplements sound like must-haves. Where should we begin? Can we take them together?

YOUTH is your essential daily multi with bonuses of anti-oxidants, skin enhancers, Vitamin D, and other ingredients to stabilize hormones.  It is at the Core of the Range.

SEX helps stimulate your circulation and can both be taken together.

ENERGY should only be taken when needed to give you that extra boost. It’s way better than a mid afternoon cappuccino.

Beauty Works West, Skincare, Beauty, Youth, Energy, Sex, Susie rodgers, b-glowing, ingestible beauty

Beauty Works West, Skincare, Beauty, Youth, Energy, Sex, Susie rodgers, b-glowing, ingestible beauty

Beauty Works West, Skincare, Beauty, Youth, Energy, Sex, Susie rodgers, b-glowing, ingestible beauty
Living well is about more than nourishment—it’s also about managing stress, exercising and sleeping well! How do you decompress from busy day, and do you have a favorite self-care ritual?

In my book ‘Put the You Back in Youth” we talk about all the things to do to balance your hormones and feel and look good.  We wrote the book to arm women with information on how to to live healthier, happier and sexier Lives. So I try to practice as much as possible what I preach.

Over the years I have found that meditation and exercise really work for me. No matter how busy I am or wherever I am, I take 20 minutes out of my day, and meditate.  I have done this in the office, on trains and planes and no matter how busy I am, I find the time to do it.  I have taught and practiced Pilates for years and try and find the time to work out at least three times a week and I walk everywhere I can. I have also discovered the benefits of foam rolling and have added that to my routine as well.

Also I have been known to preach about the importance of regular sex and orgasms. The best way to de-stress, look up to ten years younger, sleep and improves your memory and immune system is to have Sex as often as possible.  It’s been scientifically proven. And an orgasm is an orgasm no matter how you achieve it. Need I say more!

Beyond supplements, how do you practice beauty from the inside out?  How do you nurture your inner beauty? 

Inner beauty is about finding a passion, and something you love doing that keeps you smiling and engaged.  I am so lucky I have found that in my work.  I do a lot of well woman clinics and some for men too, teaching people simple easy ways to change their habits and outlook and I find helping people nurtures my being.  I try to eat organically and don’t eat meat or chicken, as I have found my body doesn’t like it.  Regular exercise, lots of sex, and good friends to laugh with also help you feel and look beautiful and works for me. I control my stress with meditation and calming breathing and always try to remain positive.  If you feel good, you look good, it’s quite simple.

You recently expanded your line to include ENERGY and SEX supplements. Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Any big plans?

We have developed two new formulas coming out next year, one is called Chill and the other Sleep.  I plan to write another book for men as well, giving them easy tips and tricks to feel healthier, happier and have more energy.  I am really excited to be launching in the US this year, growing the business and meeting lots of amazing new people and spreading the word.

Beauty Works West, Skincare, Beauty, Youth, Energy, Sex, Susie rodgers, b-glowing, ingestible beauty


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