Four Ways To Add Collagen To Your Skincare Routine

Collagen Skincare

Collagen is one of those beauty buzzwords that seems to pop up everywhere. From skincare, to supplements—collagen-infused products offer a range of benefits. So, what exactly is collagen? Collagen refers to a family of proteins that are the primary structural component of connective tissues, like skin and cartilage. In fact, collagen makes up about 75% of all protein in the body.

We start losing around one percent of our collagen every year starting around the age of twenty. As collagen begins to decrease, skin loses its plumpness resulting in the appearance of sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Other factors like smoking, alcohol, high sugar foods, and sun damage can also speed the depletion of collagen.

Lots of people think of collagen as an injectable—and it is! Collagen is used in numerous skincare treatments administered by professionals. It’s also used as a supplement that is ingested daily to improve skin and hair. Collagen can also be applied topically to restore plumpness, hydration, and radiance. We’re sharing a few of our favorite skincare products that use collagen to give you younger-looking skin.

Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Deep Cream

The most effective collagen skincare products include collagen as well as ingredients that stimulate your natural collagen production. This is that cream! The rich creamy texture sinks into skin delivering essential hydration. Powerful  3-O C vitamin C technology and collagen amino acids smooths, brightens, and plumps. The result is visibly firmer, glowing skin!

Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench™ Hydrogel Eye Patches

When stress and exhaustion take a toll on skin, it’s almost always the skin around the eyes that starts to look a little dull. Sagging skin, dark circles, and puffiness can all be signs that your eyes need a little love. That’s where these Peter Thomas Roth Hydrogel Eye Patches come in. These ultra-refreshing eye patches are packed with powerful ingredients, including collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides to hydrate and smooth skin. Whether you got your eight hours of sleep or not, these little patches will re-awaken skin for a brighter, beautiful eyes.

IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics CC+® Cream Illumination with SPF 50+

Luckily, collagen’s benefits aren’t limited to skincare—it can give your makeup a boost as well. IT Cosmetics CC+® Cream Illumination camouflages imperfections, hydrates, and leaves skin looking radiant—even after you’ve washed your face. That’s because this one-of-a-kind CC cream is packed with skin-loving ingredients like vitamin A, peptides, hydrolyzed silk, and—surprise!—collagen. The illuminating formula leaves skin flawless and radiant. And with SPF 50+ your free to have fun in the sun.

Cor Silver Soap

Cor Silver Soap

Not all cleansers are created equal and Cor Silver Soap sets the bar high. This spherical soap effortlessly cleanses away dirt and makeup in one easy step. It’s formulated with skin-plumping collagen, as well as silver and hyaluronic acid to purify and hydrate skin. Jojoba, avocado, and aloe ensure skin feels clean, hydrated, and silky soft—never tight or dry. This soap creates a rich lather that gently washes away even the most stubborn dirt and debris. Simply, foam-rinse-and-GLOW!

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