Fresh Face For Fall


A summer filled with camping, sunning, and travel has left my face in need of some serious TLC. While Saturday mornings are usually devoted to brunch and bargain hunting, today has been reserved for some R&R plus a much-needed skin detox with Tammy Fender’s Purifying Luculent Masque

As soon as I applied a cool, thick layer, I could feel my skin sighing “thank you” as the natural healing properties of Aloe Vera, Lavender, and Guta Kola infused my skin with moisture. I may have even said “ahhh” out loud.  Once the 15 minutes was up, I blanketed a steaming hot washcloth on my face and let the Green Clay and Great Burdock pull unwanted impurities from my skin. After removing the remaining Masque with the cloth, I checked in the mirror to see a much more familiar face looking back at me. With just one treatment my skin feels soft yet firm, and as pure as promised.

Bravo, Tammy! What would I have done without you? A new Saturday ritual is born. 

Questions? Just call me! I'm always here to help you make beauty. 


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