Fringe Files: Training and Styling your Bangs


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Updated 6/12/2020

Whether you’re trying to channel Betty Page or Alexa Chung, bangs can be a struggle in the beginning. With every new step you take in the fringe territory, it’s important to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself how long you want to spend on your new found face fringe as well as how often you can make time to get them trimmed. Don’t let your bangs get so unruly that you no longer appreciate the changes you’ve made. Pick a style the suits your personality and your schedule, and go for the snip! We’ve outlined a couple easy steps you can take at home for complete control over your coif. 

Training and Taming

With any change to your hair, it can take some time to adjust and with most people the first day or so with new bangs can be a bit of an identity crisis. Give it time, you will fall in love! Remember that your freshly cut strands are used to being pushed one way or another and probably not in the direction they were just trimmed, so helping to guide and train them is only fair. A few ways to do that are:

  • Bandna/Scarf – This method is great for for lounging around the house. Simply comb or brush your bangs in the direction that you want them and freeze them in place by tying a bandana or scarf around your head. If you are frustrated with out of control bangs in the morning we suggest trying this for sleeping as well.This can create slight creases, but those can easily be smoothed out with a flat Iron.

  • Blow Dryer – When drying your hair always start with your fringe first as it will dry the fastest and you want to have time to style them while they are still wet. With a paddle brush, brush your bangs back in forth in each direction to break cowlicks that may be causing parts or splits. Once 90% dry finish by brushing and drying in the direction you intend to wear your bangs.
  • Bobby pins – Good for side swept fringe because you can just pin them to their desired side while getting ready or doing your makeup. Easy!


Whether you want to wear your fringe with your hair’s natural texture or if you are wanting a sleek polished blunt bang you will need a few products and of course a flat iron.

  • Hair spray – a light spritz over bangs will help keep them in place through-out the day as well as tame any frizz that may be happening. Try spraying a comb or brush first and then running it over your hair to avoid too much product. Oribe Free Styler Working Hairspray is prefect for a light but strong hold.

  • Dry Shampoo – Your bangs inevitably get dirtier much quicker than the rest of your hair – we tend to touch them more and they also rest on the forehead which naturally produces oils. A dry shampoo will keep them fresh in between washes. We recommend R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo for first time users.
  • Flat Iron– For blunt bangs you will need a flat iron to keep your do in check. Even if you have pinned straight hair, they made need a slight curl under. Just remember to always section when flat ironing for best results.

Lastly – Like all hair days your bangs will have some bad ones, just go with it! Try wearing your training scarf out or a cute headband. Your attitude and outlook on bangs are the best ways to style on a bad day.

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