From Lisa’s Desk: Dove’s Choose Beautiful Campaign


Would you describe yourself as beautiful? Dove's Choose Beautiful Campaign inspires us to claim our beauty. I love that. In the video, women in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo are presented with a choice. Do they walk through a door with an “Average” sign, or through a door with a “Beautiful” sign?

I believe feeling beautiful is a personal choice we make every day. It's about owning it! While I know there are a million women who are physically more beautiful than me, honestly, I would have walked through the “Beautiful” door without any hesitation. Even if I had no makeup on, hair in a ponytail and sweat pants. To me, beauty is a state of mind. It’s about confidence, smiling and looking people in the eye. Who can’t resist that? And it’s something I’ve certainly developed over time, for sure. I didn’t always feel beautiful — especially as an adolescent. I was particularly touched when a young girl in the video begins to walk through the “Average” door, and her mother pulls her over and walks with her through the “Beautiful” door. The Mom says, “I just wish more young women realized it.” Agreed.

Dove interviewed 6,400 women between the ages of 18-64 in 20 countries about how they perceive beauty in themselves and other women. A shocking 96% said they don't see themselves as beautiful! The fantastic news is that 80 percent of the women interviewed said they think every woman has something beautiful about her. So tell me in the comments below, what do you find beautiful about yourself? 

Here’s to choosing beauty, 


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