Get Beachy Nails Inspired By the Sea and Sun


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Summer is the best time to show off fun, beach-inspired nail designs on your hands and feet. From bold, beachy colors to intricate designs, the nail beautification options are endless. Show the sea and sand how much you care about them with butter LONDON nail polish, which doesn’t contain dangerous toxins.

Beachy Nail Ideas

Sparkle of the sea: Coat your toenails with the butter LONDON Blagger Spring 2011 Nail Lacquer, which is a bright cobalt blue. If you need to, add a second coat. After the polish dries, top your nails with two coats of Knackered Nail Lacquer – a bluish, sheer glitter polish. If you’re painting your fingernails, use the glittery Tart with a Heart Nail Lacquer (instead of Knackered) on your fingertips.

Palm tree silhouettes: Perfect for your hand and feet, this technique involves using a thin nail polish brush or eyeliner brush to draw palm trees on a sunset background. First, coat your nails with butter LONDON’s Bumster Nail Lacquer, which is a light peach color. Then paint the bottom half of your nails with Trout Pout Nail Lacquer because the opaque pink color will give the look of a colorful sunset. After the polish dries, paint a thin line in the center of your nail that goes from the middle of the nail to the bottom using the dark Chimney Sweep Nail Lacquer. Then draw five short, straight lines jutting out from the top of the vertical line at different angles to create the palm tree leaves. For the final touch, draw a thin horizontal line at the tips of your nails to create the illusion of the palm tree’s sandy beach.

Tropical flowers: Drawing a flower on your nails is simple when you have large and medium nail-dotting tools. If you don’t have dotting tools, place straight pins into the end of a pencil eraser for an instant dotting tool. First, coat your nails with the butter LONDON Slapper Nail Lacquer, a bright teal polish. After the lacquer dries, use the large dotting tool to create five flower petals (dots) on your nails (or an accent nail) with the light pink Teddy Girl Spring 2011 butter LONDON nail polish. Then use a medium-sized dotting tool to make a dot in the center of the flower with either the rosy-pink Toff Nail Lacquer, or Bumster.

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