Glow with Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation


Yes, summer has come early to the b-glowing office, delivered to me and the b-glowing ladies in the form of cult foundation Laura Geller Beauty Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation. Healthy glow! has become the unanimous chant among all of us in the Beauty Concierge department after trying this product. Yes, we have wayyy too much fun in the office. 

Honestly, at first pump I wasn’t sure I had picked the right shade. I did a routine foundation match stripe on my cheek and the undertones weren't an "exact" match for me. I used an applicator, buffing it lightly in and then gave it a minute to melt into my skin. My skin tone looked much more even! It really does color correct once applied, and offers great coverage. What I really loved was how the light was catching the apples of my cheeks, giving me a look of visible hydration. Seriously, I looked like I had just spent my lunch break in the sun. 

I’m now wearing this foundation every day. It’s packed with skin-loving, moisturizing ingredients for a youthful glow. Loose pigments are coated in Almond Oil, then baked in Italy on terracotta tiles to create perfect spheres of color that lay evenly on skin. No wonder why I feel like a Venetian goddess! You can, too. Keep glowing, ladies. 


b-glowing Beauty Concierge


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