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Heading into summer and one of the busiest seasons of the year (but hey, we’re not complaining), we’re returning to our favorite mask: Hydra Therapy Skin Vitality Mask from the one-and-only Erno Laszlo.

This peel-off mask is one of the most refreshing and moisturizing masks we’ve used, and it’s great for all skin types! As it works to pull moisture into the skin and bind it to dehydrated cells, the mask lowers skin temperature, which helps alleviate stress (think travel, sunburn, and pollution). Skin is plumped in all the right places, so superficial wrinkles and lines melt away.

This mask is loved the world over, and one is even sold every five minutes! Here at b-glowing, it’s one of our top-20 sellers. It’s garnered nicknames from devoted fans—for example, the pink mask and the bridal mask as many depend on it the day before the wedding for luminous skin—and it’s a must-have for flight attendants and other weary travelers.

For easy removal, our Beauty Concierge learned a valuable trick while attending an Erno Laszlo training. Before applying the mask, apply a piece of gauze over your face. You’ll still receive all of the same benefits, but removal will be a pinch!

You can still have fun in the sun and go from here to there, but when armed with this must-have mask, you’ll never see the signs of it. Shop it now!

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