Introducing ARgENTUM – your skin’s silver cure


Silver is pretty magical—not only does it make the coolest jewelery, but it also works wonders on skin: it's anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, fights free radicals, and promotes tissue regeneration, which keeps you looking younger. ARgENTUM uses colloidal silver in two great anti-aging creams, one for body and one for face, eyes, and neck

Though the products are made in France, the company's founder, Joy Isaacs, grew up in South Africa, where her mom treated skinned knees and acne with spritzes of healing colloidal silver—so when Joy grew up, she was inspired to see what else this all-natural magic ingredient could do. It turns out, silver can fight aging, improving fine lines and skin's texture, without irritating like some other anti-aging ingredients (ahem, retinol!) can, and Joy knew it would play a crucial role in ARgENTUM.



Everyone knows to use anti-aging creams on our faces, but our bodies also show signs of aging—especially areas prone to sun spots or wrinkles, like our hands, the tops of our shoulders, or our soft cleavage skin, which is why an anti-aging body cream is totally genius. Both ARgENTUM's face and body creams contain the usual suspects for great hydration (shea butter, Argan oil, aloe extract, and almond oil), but go way beyond typical by also incorporating DNA HP, a natural marine-sourced ingredient, that can carry 10,000 times its weight in water—which makes even the driest, flakiest skin feel soft and hydrated. The DNA HP also traps hydroxyl, a toxic radical known to degrade collagen and elastin, so you're better protected. 



These formulas are 99 percent natural and rely on dark packaging to protect the active ingredients from light degradation, rather than loading up on harsh preservatives. After applying the thick, nourishing cream, skin feels tingly—that's the caffeine, which immediately tightens skin and helps it look younger. Know how a cup of great coffee makes you feel sharp and full of life? In these creams, it does the same for your skin.



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