Introducing Eve Lom


Our latest skincare brand arrival, Eve Lom, began 25 years ago by one of the world's leading facialists. Years of knowledge and dealing with women's skin care concerns brought about the creation of many award winning products with natural based ingredients that bring the spa like atmosphere and results into your home. Eve Lom products are for a woman who appreciates luxury and highly effective skincare. 

Although the entire range is amazing, one of the products that has taken the world by storm is the Eve Lom Cleanser, a multi-purpose product that is the basis for the entire skincare regime. Vogue once described it as 'the best cleanser in the world' and we can understand why. Used in conjunction with the muslin cloth it cleanses, tones and exfoliates in one step! The cloth also enables the skin circulation process to begin which results in a perfectly balanced skin and radiant complexion.


For those lip balm junkies like me, you'll appreciate Eve Lom's Kiss Mix. No need to change your lip balm with the seasons as this is a year round product to keep lips moisturized and protected. It leaves a glossy finish behind while Zinc Oxide heals chapped lips and menthol cools the redness. 


Eve Lom's TLC Cream is the 'airbrush' of moisturizers. This intense and regenerating cream gives the skin some much needed tender, love and care with ingredients like Calendula Oil, Euphrasia Extract and healing Arnica Oil. Your skin becomes more supple and soft and you can say farewell to the deep fine lines.

Eve Lom Eye Cream is both an am & pm cream to target the problems women complain about the most: dark circles, puffiness and dehydration lines. Housed in a beautiful frosted glass jar for a lady who loves elegant packaging as well.


Every now and then our skin needs a jumpstart and that's where Eve Lom's Rescue Mask comes into play. Also an award winning product, this clay based mask infuses camphor for decongestion and almond extract for redness.  This deep cleansing treatment is the ideal solution when your skin is feeling sluggish and tired or can even be used for a quick pick-me-up treatment for tired eyes. Five minutes and you're feeling like a brand new you!


Once you experience the luxury of Eve Lom skincare you will quickly become a devotee of this highly effective and beautiful range.


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