Jetsetter Beauty Essentials


I hate packing for vacations. I stress over all the different scenarios I might wish I had brought this and that, to the point that I overpack with butloads of clothes I never end up wearing. The same goes with beauty products and especially makeup. Am I really going to want to to a smokey eye to a beachside, picnic table resteraunt in the Carribean? No. Vacations are really about feeling beautiful and free and not wanting to spend all that extra time fluffing and primping in the morning when I could be relaxing. In saying that, I still want to look and feel beautiful, however there are products we can use to minimize time but also ensure our skin, hair and makeup are well looked after and not being neglected. Vacations are no reason to totally let yourselves go ladies…

Here is a list of our must have beauty products to take with you on vacation:

Adara Coconut Oil-Purely organic and uber-nourishing, this Coconut Oil is a saviour for healing sunburnt skin as well as being an overall skin conditioner. Use

it in your hair as a conditioning treatment as well!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Unscented Travel Size

Nuxe Paris Dry Oil Golden Shimmer Spray -Enhance and bring out your natural tan with this luminating dry oil. Tiny mother of particles create a natural glow when light reflects of off them. Looks gorgeous on a decolletage!

Huile Prodigieuse OR Dry Oil Golden Shimmer - Spray

Supergoop SPF 30 Sunscreen Wipes with Zinc -Think baby wipe application with the hightest level of sun protection! Ideal to pack in your beach bag and perfect for mom’s with children that hate having to put sunscreen on.

SPF 30+ Sunscreen Swipes with Zinc 40 COUNT

Hampton Sun Sun Tanning Gel SPF 8 – This gel should be applied after you have a bit of a base tan going to help enhance and deepen that gorgeous bronze color. Also, no greasy residue and filled with powerful antioxidants to reduce signs of premature aging.

Sun Tanning Oil SPF 8 Gel


Becca Cosmetics Beach Tint – One product to do your eyes, lips and cheeks! Choose from an assortment of gorgeous shades that will bring out your natural beauty.

Beach Tint

Becca Cosmetics Mineral Bronzing Powder – If I was trapped on a deserted island and could only take one beauty product it would be a bronzer! This one is fantastic because it’s universal and doesn’t have any sparkle in it.

Mineral Bronzing Powder

St Tropez Everday Gradual Mousse – Get a tan before you go with this easy to use tanning mousse. Smells delish and has a natural looking, golden color.

Everyday Gradual Tan Mousse

John Masters Organics Sea Mist – Get beach waves a la Elle Macpherson with this natural hair product. Simply spray on wet hair and leave in to create beach worthy waves.

Sea Mist - Sea Salt Spray with Lavender

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint – This tinted moisturizer with light to medium coverage will allow your skin to breathe whilst getting SPF 20 protection and added luminousity.

Luminizing Moisture Tint