Kevyn Aucoin + The Bloody Gorgeous Box Set


It’s not like we have altars to Kevyn Aucoin all around the office or anything. Well, maybe one of our co-workers does. After reading some thoughts from the b-glowing ladies on the iconic Kevyn Aucoin below, can you guess who this might be?

All joking aside, the level of obsession we’re feeling over The Bloody Gorgeous Box Set by Kevyn Aucoin can be attributed to its all-glamour attitude. Kevyn Aucoin’s philosophy on glamour really rings true with us.

“Glamour,” noted Kevyn, “is not self-conscious; it’s not trying really hard. It’s just expressing your own truth. I think that’s what the essence of glamour really is—expressing your uniqueness.”

Celebrating personal uniqueness is super important to us at b-glowing. We recently hosted an Instagram giveaway (BTW are you following us?) and asked people to tell us what feeds their mind, body and soul. It was so much fun to learn about the unique interests and passions of our community and we think we just maybe made three randomly selected winners very happy when we gave The Bloody Gorgeous Box Set to each of them.

We hope you enjoy our personal thoughts on Kevyn. If you feel inspired, share your perspectives on Kevyn Aucoin in the blog comments below.


Lisa King, b-glowing Founder on Kevyn Aucoin:

Kevyn Aucoin was a genius. He not only taught us how to celebrate our features with contouring, but he exuded a kindness towards others around him. Humility is important in business, and in life in general.

I love this quote from him because it’s what I deeply believe, and it also speaks to the core of who we are here at b-glowing. “I think the beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself.” 



Erika, Creative Director on b-glowing’s most recent Obsession-Worthy Selection: 

I appreciate Kevyn Aucoin because he was passionate about his artistry as well as teaching his craft. His products are made with function and results in mind and I find that empowering. His Sculpting Powder was our most recent Obsession Worthy pick. I personally love it, it really does give depth and definition to your face!


Katelyn, the b-glowing Beauty Concierge on Making Faces:

I still remember the day I learned about Kevyn Aucoin. My beauty school teacher stood in front of the classroom, placed Kevyn Aucoin’s books Face Forward and Making Faces in front of the class, and said, “Meet the Master.”

As my instructor poured over the pages, it was beyond clear that she held his work in the highest regard. It wouldn’t take long for me to share this same admiration!

While Kevyn Aucoin attended beauty school in his hometown, it was undeniable that he was much more advanced than his teachers. He was a prodigy. To me, there is something so genuine and inspiring about his natural talent.

Aucoin really was a pioneer for so many makeup looks we see today, including the concept of contouring. Using highlighting and shadowing colors to create sculpted faces, and in some cases, transforming a model into a completely different subject. Gwyneth Paltrow as James Dean, anyone?

The love he had for makeup artistry and the many models and celebrities he worked with (Cindy Crawford, Janet Jackson, Liza Minnelli, Cher) was very evident in his work. It became about more than the makeup and the glamour; it was about connecting with others and creating a shared experience that bonded him to so many.

Check out the Pinterest Board I created of the many amazing women he worked with, in addition to a few of my favorite Kevyn Aucoin products!


Holly, b-glowing’s Merchandise Manager on the Bloody Gorgeous Set:

This is a collection of iconic products in Kevyn’s favorite shade: Bloodrose. I love the Bloody Gorgeous set because it’s all about expressing confidence and timeless beauty. The Eyeshadow Single in #109 Burgundy is my favorite. Why? Because this eyeshadow can be worn sheer or layered for a darker look and it's long-wearing and goes on smooth. People tend to shy away from reddish tones on their lids, but I love them! Worn alone or paired with neutrals, they really bring a healthy flush to the eyes, similar to the effect blush has. Speaking of blush, this shadow can be applied to the cheeks too!


NOTE: The Bloody Gorgeous Box Set is no longer available for purchase. See what's new and shop Kevyn Aucoin's entire collection here!

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