Layering Your Scents to Create a Unique Perfume Experience


Leila Lou Eau de Parfum SprayPerfume makers know that multi-faceted fragrances last longer and delight the nose. If a certain perfume has only one scent, it will not have as much intrigue or appeal as if it combines several unusual scents. For instance, Jacomo Paris’ It’s Me for Her combines tangy, fruity and musky fragrances.

What many women don’t realize is that they can create their own multi-layered scents at home. By doing so, a lady can create the perfect fragrance to express her own unique spirit. To create more appealing and less overpowering combinations, think about each scent you create as containing three distinct smells, or notes as they are referred to by perfumers.

Bottom note. The first layer is the bottom note. It’s not the first scent that you notice in the mix, but it is the one that lingers the longest. This is the “body” of the perfume. Popular base scents include jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood and cinnamon. In Jacomo Paris’ It’s Me for Him, musky vanilla is the bottom note.

Heart note. Next comes the heart note, the second layer. Heart notes add a different dimension – perhaps soothing and warm, or unexpected and intriguing. The heart note doesn’t last as long as the bottom note; it comes to the nose briefly after application, following the initial burst of fragrance. As an example, in Leila Lou Perfume Oil, one heart note is pear blossom. Many perfumers think of the heart note as the healing, aromatheraputic aspect of a perfume. For example, bergamot is known to be a calming, refreshing fragrance that’s good for offsetting stress and depression.

Top note. Riding on the first wave of the fragrance is the top note. It is the first thing you experience on application. It provides an airy, light tone. Citrus scents are popular, as are energizing fragrances such as grapefruit and lemongrass. In It’s Me for Her by Jacomo Paris, the top note is tangy and refreshing. A common combination recipe for perfume is one part bottom note, one part heart note and one part of a couple of different top notes.

How to Layer Your Scents

You can find instructions online for creating your own perfumes from scratch, or you could just take the easy route: layering several premade products to create a long-lasting palette of fragrance. For instance, you could apply a body note in the form of a body wash, a heart note moisturizer and a top note eau de toilette. (To prevent overwhelming yourself and others, spray the top perfume in front of you and walk into it; don’t actually aim it at yourself and spray.)

Leila Lou perfume’s Eau de Parfum Spray would be a great top note perfume for the summer, or anytime when you’re aiming for a lighter impression. If you’re looking for a good “heart” product, try Leila Lou perfume Body Lotion with tangerine, fresh cut grass and pear blossom scents. If you don’t have time to layer but you love Leila Lou’s innocent, fresh feel, apply Leila Lou perfume oil, which features jasmine as a heart note and cotton musk as a bottom note.

There’s no reason to limit your layering experience to your skin. Your hair is porous; it will hold scent for quite some time. As an example, you could rub a couple of drops of Leila Lou Perfume onto your finger tips, and then apply to the tips of your hair and behind your ears.

Which Fragrances are Best for Layering

When selecting scents for layering, favor lighter, less complex odors, so you don’t overwhelm people. Think about pairing scents from different parts of the olfactory “color wheel”; for instance, you might choose to pair a citrus – say, lemon – with a musky cedar wood. Such varied smells will compliment each other well.

When to Layer Your Scents

Remember that people around you will be more sensitive than you to your perfume, since they won’t be acclimated to it by proximity. Therefore, you don’t want to wear heavy, overpowering layered scents when you will be in close quarters with others. In such situations, it’s best to layer a lighter scent body wash, such as that by Leila Lou perfume, with a more complex top layer, such as It’s Me For Her by Jacomo Paris.

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