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We’re starting to think there isn’t a place you can’t wear Living Luminzer by rms beauty, but of course there are the best places to optimize the illumination and highlighting power of this wondrous product. When applying, we consider all the angles your face will catch natural light—this will create that illusion and enhance the effect. 

Cheeks: This is the best place to start with the Living Luminizer to achieve a natural and dewy look. What we really like about this product is its build-ability; you can really bring out your cheekbones with just a few swipes of product, but if you want to achieve a glossier look you can do so without looking over the top. 

Eyes: Perfect when used as a highlighter below the brow bone, but we also like to use it in the corner of the eye and over the eyelid. This will help to really open up your eyes with very little effort. Going to the airport or running to the grocery store but don’t feel like doing your whole routine? Try this on your eyes for an instant, bright-eyed look!

Lips: While there is no reason you can’t apply this to your lips, we suggest actually placing the product in the bow directly above your lips. This technique is a great way to make your lips appear fuller and moisturized. It also pairs nicely with a simple lip balm. We like Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Cocoa, also by rms beauty.

Chest: During the warmer months, when you find yourself wearing more tank tops and lower cut blouses, Living Luminizer can be used to add some flattering shimmer to the collarbone. This product melts into the skin with such ease that you will find application to be a breeze. 

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