MAKE BEAUTY.ICONIC: Day in the Life of By Terry founder Terry de Gunzburg!


Our beauty ICON, By Terry founder Terry de Gunzburg doesn’t sleep and breathe makeup 365 days a year. Although it takes up a big part of her life, this busy mom needs to unwind too so we were excited to find out how she relaxes after a long day, her favorite vacation hot spots and how to look great in just 5 minutes! Explore a day in the life of Terry de Gunzburg here!


“From a very personal ¬†experience, my life ¬†mantra is my “me ¬†time” after a long week of hard work ¬†and constant traveling ¬†between eurostars and airplanes. It is essential ¬†to my every day ¬†“balance” and also contributes to a beauty regime.” ¬†-TERRY de GUNZBURG




“What makes BY TERRY products so unique is their ¬†high quality, ultra-concentrated formulas, intensive ¬†treatment and glowing benefits. They are made with ¬†the purest pigments and the most exclusive active ¬†ingredients. The textures are highly sophisticated and ¬†very easy to blend to reveal absolute enlightening ¬†and perfection. Making them easy to use ¬†and ultra-performant.” ¬†5 minutes for a simple makeup ¬†look – I call it my “Give me 5”: ¬†– Two clicks of TOUCH-EXPERT ADVANCED CONCEALER. – Three clicks of my best-selling LIGHT-EXPERT Brush. – Two sweeps of BLUSH TERRYBLY Cheek to Cheek Rose. – MASCARA TERRYBLY, the silky texture is easily applied ¬†with no clumps. – And 30 seconds for the ultimate touch: embellish lips ¬†with BAUME DE ROSE, for a subtle glowing effect. ¬†This is a simple, 5 minute makeup routine, for a natural ¬†look… glowing with radiance!




“During summer, I go to my house in Saint Remy de Provence! I love the scent of Fig Trees in the ¬†garden, when I see those trees blooming, I ¬†immediately feel on holiday… ¬†For Christmas it would have to be in the ¬†mountains in Switzerland when we are sure that ¬†there will be snow! ¬†We have been renting a ¬†splendid chalet in Verbier for many years so we ¬†always feel so at home there. My husband and ¬†I sail with our family in the Mediterranean Sea in summer as well. It is gorgeous and so peaceful!”


“I also love to go to the Nuxe Spa rue Montorgueil in Paris or the Mandarin Oriental Spa in London.”¬†


“I love true stories ¬†about powerful ¬†women and this ¬†summer I think I am gonna love the biography of ¬†Eleanor ¬†Roosevelt.” ¬† ¬†

Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady Et Rebelle by Claude-Catherine Kiejman

“whether it is relaxing at home with my family, walking from ¬†gallery to museum, reading a book or listening to opera, I make ¬†sure to make some space for my family and my pleasures.”



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