MAKE BEAUTY.ICONIC: Terry de Gunzburg of By Terry


Prepare to be inspired. b-glowing is very excited to share with you our first beauty ICON, By Terry founder Terry de Gunzburg! Visit our first MAKE BEAUTY.ICONIC(TM) feature with tastemaker Terry de Gunzburg here!

Known as “the genius of makeup and the guru of color,”  this mastermind has even been dubbed the Steve Jobs of  makeup due to her products quick ability to become  must-have essentials to any woman who tries it. Anyway  you swing it, Terry de Gunzburg has always been at the  forefront of cosmetics innovation and a French beauty ICON.


Terry has been creating innovative products before she  even thought of launching her own brand. During her  tenure as creative director of YSL Beauty she created the  Touche Eclat, a brush on concealer/highlighter pen which  remains one of the brands best-selling products to this day.   This mother of 4 and tastemaker created her collection of  revolutionary products with an emphasis on bringing luxury,  sophisticated techniques and the purest pigments  available to the makeup savvy and modern woman. It’s  no wonder that products such as the Baume de Rose and Light-Expert Foundation have become as much a classic staple amongst  beauty lovers as the little black dress is to fashion. 

For Terry de Gunzburg, beauty comes from enhancing  your complexion’s glow through products that work in harmony with the daily rhythms of your natural radiance.  “Sometimes when you see a women with a perfect finish,  it looks so dull, without any life to the skin. The glow, more  than the perfection, is the goal. It always looks much  younger and more flattering to be a little bit imperfect.”   


b-glowing is thrilled to invite our customers to explore Terry’s  world through a first-hand-look at her beauty routine, style  secrets and her ultimate beauty essentials….. 

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