Makeup Tips for Mature Women, Part 1: 30s


makeup tips for mature womenAt b-glowing, we believe beauty has no age limit, no gender restrictions, and no rules. Makeup is a tool everyone can use to cultivate confidence and self-care. But as we age, we’re fed a lot of false information about what we can and cannot “pull off.” We’re told to forget trends, rethink our color choices, and set our preferences aside. Personally, we think that mindset is b.s. Yes, the aging process affects our makeup application, but it doesn’t have to alter our self-expression. You don’t have to sacrifice personal style as you get older—you just need to update your techniques. You need tools, not outdated beauty rules!

Taking into consideration the (very real) changes that occur as we age, we’ve created a series dedicated to makeup tips for mature women. The best part? We won’t tell you what colors or trends to avoid—this is about understanding how your skin transforms over time and finding what works for you. Below, our top makeup tips for women in their 30s:

Women Over 30

Beauty-wise, your 30s are a pretty exciting decade. Don’t believe us? Consider this—you’ve had time to polish your makeup game, you’ve figured out which styles best suit your look, and you’ve finally shaken off the nagging insecurities of your 20s. At the same time, your 30s are incredibly transformative— meaning, fine lines, and gray hairs may make their first appearances. Here are some tips and tricks to make your 30s your most gorgeous decade yet:

Get even

Typically, the first signs of sun damage show up in your 30s, as your skin’s reparative abilities begin to wane. In other words, your skin resurrects the ghosts of spring breaks past—think dark spots, dull skin, and discoloration. If you do see dark spots, consider adding a color-correcting concealer to your makeup bag, like Stila’s Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette. Remember the color wheel? Colors that are opposite each other cancel each other out, so—to combat dark spots and dark circles—a peach-toned concealer is your best bet.

Oh, and since prevention truly is the best medicine, why not add a luxurious SPF (or an SPF-infused CC-cream) to your routine?

SPF is essential for mature skin

Make the switch

At b-glowing, we love our lines, and view them as evidence of a life well-lived. That said, we don’t want to make them look bigger and deeper than they actually are! If fine lines become a concern in your 30s, try shifting away from powder foundation, blushes and bronzers to creams and liquids. A dewy finish still provides coverage, but it won’t settle into every tiny little line and wrinkle that pops up, either.

use creams and liquids on mature skin, and avoid powder makeup formulas


Get in line

We believe in rocking a bold lip at any and every age, but—in your 30s—you may start experiencing the dreaded feathering of your lipstick. If your lippie starts sinking into fine lines around your mouth, don’t panic. It’s an easy fix—just make lip liner your BFF. Lip liner forms a slightly waxy barrier between your skin and the product, preventing it from migrating outward.

for mature lips, a liner is must

Another solution? Swap your creamy lipstick for a moisturizing stain like Lipstick Queen’s Hello Sailor Lip Stain to prevent the color from bleeding.

Looking for makeup tips for women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond? Stay tuned for our next installment!

2 thoughts on “Makeup Tips for Mature Women, Part 1: 30s”

  1. I am 64-years-old. I would like to buy some of your products but I don’t know what ones would be best for me. I want Foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, highlighter and lipstick. What products would you suggest I buy?

    1. Hello Cynthia,
      We’re thrilled you found us and we absolutely understand the struggle of finding products that work for your skin as it changes. We have created our very first product with mature skin, especially around the eye area, in mind. Our Illuminate + Shine Palette was formulated to blur fine lines, brighten the eye area and make skin glow along with 8 stunning eyeshadows that give you the flexibility to achieve any look you desire without having product sink into lines.
      We’ve also created a guide for women in their sixties with some of our best makeup tips for mature skin that you might enjoy.
      As always, we’re here to talk if you want to speak to a Beauty Concierge directly for personalized makeup tips: email us at [email protected] or call us 866-525-4933.

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