Mothers + Muses: 4 #FemaleFounder Stories


Happy Mother’s Day! We caught up with 4 of our favorite brand founders whose children or mothers have inspired their product creation. 



Linda Rodin was raised on the principle that “there is beauty in simplicity.” And her beauty regimen reflects this: RODIN Olio lusso—and lipstick—are the only products Linda Rodin uses on her skin and hair. In many ways an ode to Linda Rodin’s mother, RODIN bis perfume is intensely personal, capturing a lost mid-century elegance and exuding a time of rare luxury—a classic green-violet-orris scent, both complex and graceful. Jeffrey W. Miller of The New York Times notes: “About Linda, about any person with real style—they make you look at the world in a different way—and rethink everything. They know how to create tension—and tension is what creates beauty.” Linda toes the line of luxury, simplicity, and complexity effortlessly. 


Supergoop! Skincare 

When a close friend of Supergoop! Founder and CEO Holly E. Thaggard was diagnosed with melanoma, she couldn’t believe that someone so young and healthy could get skin cancer. During this time, Holly had her first child, Emery. These two personal events inspired Holly to raise awareness about the importance of skin sun care, with Supergoop! leading the way. She says, “I set out to create a brand of skincare that felt good on the skin while being playful and full of spirit—a brand that would appeal to our children and teach healthy habits from an early age but one that also would allow us to be good role models to our children. Today, our two kiddo's Emery and Will still inspire me to work hard and continue doing what I can to create change in this world—change that will inevitably reduce the epidemic of skin cancer.” 


BRIOGEO Natural Hair Care 

The mother of Nancy Twine, Briogeo Hair Care Founder and CEO, was a chemist. Growing up, Nancy recalls being “fascinated by (her mother’s) ‘magical’ abilities to combine individual ingredients into unique blends.” Her Grandmother raised 8 children on a farm in West Virginia and created soaps to lotion to hair care, all from natural ingredients she harvested herself. Nancy says, “these two brilliant women inspired me to create and use nature as my canvas for formulating every Briogeo hair care product.” 


By Rosie Jane

Both Tilly and Leila Lou scents are formulated by Celebrity makeup artist Rosie Jane Johnston in her Silverlake studio in Los Angeles. Combining natural fragrance oils, essential oils and absolutes, these two fragrances are named after her two daughters, Tilly and Leila Lou, “because they are my adorable little muses.” Rosie Jane Johnston’s  inspiration for recyclable packaging honors her children by keeping the environment healthy for future generations. 


Tell us below, how has your mother or children inspired you in your life?

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