Oscars and Golden Globes Glow with St. Tropez Skin Products


St. Tropez Body Products What do Laura Dern, Kim Kardashian, Penelope Cruz, Kelly Osbourne, singer Brandy and Eva Longoria all have in common? They all fake it for the red carpet with St. Tropez body products. Modern celebs who want to maintain the health of their luscious-looking skin opt for St. Tropez spray tans instead of the sun’s rays for an instant glow.

The Perfect Glow

When you use St. Tropez body products correctly, you can create a natural glow based on your skin type. An even better perk is that the cost of a St. Tropez product is less expensive than a couple of sessions in a UV tanning bed.

For a subtle tan (think Kim Kardashian), opt for the bronzing mousse, which naturally adjusts to your natural skin tone. The bronzing mousse is also perfect if you’re interested in creating contours. If you want a darker, more intense hue, try one of St. Tropez’s bronzing lotions. Mimic Penelope Cruz’s glow by accenting your bottled tan with a St. Tropez skin illuminator, which celebrity tanning artists use on their clients’ shoulders, shins, collar bones and cheek bones.


Never use St. Tropez body products on the day of the event, because this is a great way to ruin your dress. Instead, apply the mousse or lotion three nights before the big night so the tanning solution can set and you can shower. Always follow the directions on the bottle so you don’t end up with unsightly streaks.

Fashion-forward celebrities aren’t always a bad example, especially when it comes to skin care. With spring already here, grab your own St. Tropez body products to ensure you always look red carpet-glamorous.

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