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We’re smitten with the science behind Sigma Beauty’s brushes. The company, focused exclusively on brushes, was co-founded in 2009 by an engineer and a molecular biologist—so you can bet they research the heck out of their makeup brushes, testing for quality and engineering so they’re the best on the market. What makes them outstanding? Each brush’s thin fibers are designed not to absorb humidity, so the bristles stay strong and won’t bend or wilt under liquids and creams like with some other brushes. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic and designed to last a lifetime. These are our favorite Sigma Beauty products:


F80 Flat Kabuki

There’s a reason this is Sigma’s best-selling brush: it perfectly blends foundation in so that skin look airbrushed, without any harshness or streaks around your jawline or hairline. No wonder professional makeup artists are such a fan. The super-soft bristles won’t irritate skin, so you can buff foundation on in small circles, making for a flawless, poreless effect.

E25 Blending

A lot of makeup brushes can pick up too much of powder eye shadows—and then as you apply the shadow, drop the excess all beneath your eyes, which is a mess to clean up. The wide, firmer bristles of the Blending brush hold onto even the finest-milled powder shadows and the slightly flat shape makes it easy to blend one or more colors you’re your lids super-seamlessly.

F35 Tapered Highlighter

This brush is fluffy and tapered to a precise tip, making it perfect for subtle highlighting. Dip it in a shimmery powder and dab the inside corner of where your eyes meet the bridge of your nose, for example, to bring a sparkle to your eyes and draw attention away from undereye circles; you can also use it for the tops of cheekbones. Rather than coming to a stiffer point like some other brushes, this diffuses the highlighter for a glowy natural finish.

F40 Large Angled Contour

The fluffy, angled head with round edges is the perfect way to contour sharp supermodel cheekbones—okay, or the illusion of supermodel cheekbones—with blush or bronzer. Each bristle is angled to perfectly follow your face’s natural curve, yet the slope is gradual enough that you’ll never have harsh 1980s contour lines, only subtly blended shades.

Sigma Express Cleaning Glove

Okay, this last one isn’t a brush, but it’s exactly what will keep your other Sigma brushes in ultra-clean, tip-top condition (that’s also why it was featured on the Today show). Since brushes are made to grab powders, liquids, and creams, it can be hard to get them to let go, especially after a few days of build-up. Get the brush wet and soapy, then slip the cleaning glove on and gently rub the eye makeup brushes on the Refined Plus Eyes section; clean larger foundation and blush brushes on the Refined Plus Face section. Each has a specific raised texture that’s designed to deeply clean out the inside of the brushes. Let them dry, and they’re good to go, without ever getting damaged in the cleaning process.

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