Philip B Oud Royal Forever Conditioner


Hair treatment expert Philip B is known for bringing luxury to haircare with powerful and award winning blends that are worth every penny. For those die-hard Philip B fans four new products have just landed that are a revolutionary innovation in hair care. 

Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo is the first ever time-released shampoo that offers mega bounce and shine and best of all, the effect lasts for days. Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner offers the same results except you want to apply it after ever other shampoo session or more often if your hair is quite damaged. 


Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner   Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo


Oud Royal Gravity-Defying Gel is perfect for those who desire sold hold for rock hard styles. It's not sticky like many of it's gel cohorts that leave hair feeling gunky and stick. This product is professional  strength grade or in other words, if you want to create rock star styling this product will ensure it stays elevated all day!


Oud Royal Perfect Finish Shaping Fiber is a hair wax that will shape your hair into any look you desire. If you have layered hair this product is great for creating definition between the layers so they look more separated and defined. Short hair gals will love this too! Simply rub a small amount between palms and then apply on damp or dry hair.

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