Pro Tip: BY TERRY Eye Designer Palette


We at b-glowing love how the BY TERRY Eye Designer Palette can turn up your smize game, and we want to fill you in on our secret for how you can take your palette to the next level. These perfectly curated colors can create virtually any look, and just when we thought the presentation was enough, we found there is more than meets the eye with this luxe product.


Our Secret?

This palette can be applied wet OR dry. That means a little hydration on the powder can create a richer pigment on the skin to create looks that have extra va-va-voom.



We recommend keeping a little spray bottle of water nearby your makeup bag. Gather some powder on the brush, spritz with H20, and dab the brush head to push the product onto the skin exactly where you want it. No water in sight? No worries. This palette creates a soft and smooth finish when used in its powder form as well.




Did you really need an excuse for extra makeup playtime? After all, it is Beauty Doctor’s orders.



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