Pros and Cons of Oil Make-Up Removers


Vapour Organic Beauty Pros and Cons of Oil Make-Up Removers

As a teen, you learn some basic skin care rules: Wash your face every day, chocolate will give you pimples, pizza grease will give you pimples (especially pepperoni pizza), and anything oily that touches your face will give you pimples. While somewhat misguided, some ladies continue to think oil is a perfect complexion’s enemy. Vapour Organic Beauty, however, proves that oil can actually help give you skin that’s glowing and beautiful.

The Science behind Zits

Blame acne vulgaris (a common skin condition), not oil, for your pimples. Pimples generally occur in areas where you have sebaceous follicles, like your face or back. A sebaceous follicle is a connected hair follicle and sebaceous gland. When a hair follicle becomes blocked with dirt, dead skin cells and sebum (the oil your skin naturally produces), it can get infected. Therefore, a zit is basically an infected hair follicle. Adding pure, natural, organic oil (like Vapour Organic) to your skin care routine won’t hurt your complexion; it might even give you the glow you seek.

Oil Makeup Removers

Oil is great at dissolving different things. Rub some on a sticky price tag to dissolve the adhesive. Use it on the bottom of your shoe when you step in gum. Many facial cleansers on the market use chemicals to break down the oil and makeup on your face. However, in your high school chemistry class, you learned (if you were paying attention) that non-polar solvents dissolve other non-polar solvents. You need to fight oil with oil. By using the Vapour Beauty Organic Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil, you give your skin the ultimate advantage against blemishes.

Advantages of Using an Organic Oil Makeup Remover

  • Effectively dissolve impurities, dirt and makeup without harsh, skin-irritating cleansers or chemicals.

  • Calm and balance irritated skin.

  • The oil in Vapour Organic Beauty is made from certified organic plants, vitamins and minerals.

  • It helps any skin type.

  • The oil will not clog your pores.

  • The antioxidants have skin-protecting and anti-aging properties.

  • The essential fatty acids in the oil keep your skin hydrated.

  • Vapour Organic uses mild, scented essential oils that have a therapeutic effect.

Disadvantages of Using Oil Makeup Remover

  • Using an oil makeup-removing product incorrectly can lead to skin irritations or blemishes.

  • An oil you don’t use exclusively on your face can lead to breakouts. (For example, the olive oil you just used on your pasta is a no-no for your face).

  • An oil that isn’t certified organic may cause blemishes (so don’t experiment with the generic vegetable oil in your kitchen).

  • Oil that doesn’t come in a bottle with a pump is at risk for air (and bacteria) exposure.

  • Opening a bottle with a pump can introduce bacteria into your Vapour Beauty facial oil.

How to Use Makeup-Removing Oil

Use the Vapour Beauty cleansing oil at night or whenever you need to wipe makeup off your face, such as after a liquid eyeliner accident.

1. Wash your hands.

2. Moisten a cosmetic cotton pad with the Vapour Organic Beauty Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil. (You can use your fingers if you don’t have a cotton pad.)

3. Massage the oil onto your face to remove the makeup and dirt. (This works great on waterproof eye makeup.)

4. Use a tissue or clean towel to wipe away the excess oil.

If you’re still not convinced that oil will effectively remove your makeup, give it a test. Go to your makeup drawer and apply the toughest hard-to-clean makeup onto the back of your hand. Let the makeup dry and sit on your hand for a while. Then put some olive oil or another food-grade oil onto a cotton ball, swipe the oil across your made-up hand and watch the makeup melt off. Then get on your computer, order a bottle of Vapour Organic Beauty cleansing oil and treat your skin to the lusciousness it deserves.

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