RODIN Olio Lusso: Low-Maintenance Skin Care for Men


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Just like a woman’s, a man’s skin ages and requires care to continue looking its best. However, while women have hundreds of anti-aging and other skin care products marketed to them, guys are often left out of the picture – or they’re subjected to overly gimmicky male-centric products that are drenched with scent and stuffed with filler ingredients. RODIN Olio Lusso has helped solve that problem by providing a face oil that’s perfect for men as well as women.

Maker Linda Rodin was simply looking for a natural, no-fuss skin care solution when she began experimenting with essential oils. After two years of tests and trials, Olio Lusso was born – a gender-neutral product featuring 11 high-quality essential flower and botanical oils. Here’s a look at why RODIN Olio Lusso is ideal for men:

Low maintenance. Men have enough on their hands with the daily need to shave; most aren’t interested in juggling an assortment of cleansers, creams and masks. Linda Rodin developed her face oil to provide a one-product, low-maintenance alternative to the typical skin care regimes expected of women. This no-frills approach is appealing to men, who aren’t used to spending an hour or more in front of the mirror.

Easy to use. RODIN Olio Lusso is as simple to apply as any basic lotion. Just rub a few drops of Olio Lusso between your fingertips, and massage it into your face and neck after showering or shaving.

Restores oil balance. Men’s skin can be just as oily as women’s, yet men have fewer options in terms of absorbing or masking the problem. RODIN Olio Lusso works by balancing excessive oil production – the words “face oil” may conjure up images of an unpleasantly greasy, shiny complexion, but this product actually has the opposite effect, leaving skin hydrated and soft.

Evaporating scent. Unlike most products marketed to me, which are excessively scented, RODIN Olio Lusso’s scent evaporates quickly so it won’t clash with your favorite cologne.

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